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VOTING CLOSED - The Indie/Alt Pop/Not-quite-'Mainstream'-but-still-accessible Girls 2017 Rate!!1

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by constantino, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. 10s is a biT generous since they're probably two of the weaker songs on the album, but that still puts them at least at an 8+
  2. (I've given almost every song on the album a 10 dddd)
  3. I rated the two ballads on Melodrama a little lower than the others, so that brought my average down a bit.

    Sorry x
  4. I'M DONE.

    Melodrama - 9.72
    About U - 10.00
    dddddddd TALENT
    Something To Tell You - 7.45
    Lust For Life - 7.84
    Number 1 Angel - 8.25
    Masseduction - 9.29
    Extras - 8.34
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  5. I would not be surprised if my About U average is 10+.
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  6. With @Animalia's stunning ballot we are now just one voter away from our next instalment of leaderboard tea! Like last time, I haven't recalculated the averages yet so I have no idea what's gonna change...

    I have one more paragraph left on the essay I'm working on and then I'll do the today's FYC, followed by some tea if someone is brave enough to submit tonight.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Ddd same sis same.
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  9. [​IMG]
  10. This is perfect timing considering miss thang just slayed the PJ monthly chart:

    FYC #7 - Rina Sawayama - Rina


    This is a recent discovery for me so this ''review'' is gonna sound even more scrappy than usual but Miss Rina is giving me everything I need right about now; lqqks, vocals, visuals, production, social media prowess - I have decided to stan forever. Rina represents the Charli that Charli wants to be and could be if she was in total control of her career. Rina Sawayama, for those of you who aren't familiar, is a Japan-born, London-raised model-turned-singer, who has just dropped one of the most immaculate pop mini-albums I've heard since...well...Number One Angel.

    I'll leave the Charli comparisons there because that's really where they end. In a must-watch interview with i-D Magazine, Rina tells us how her childhood spent playing video games has shaped her aesthetic. The whole concept of a model-turned-pop star, though highly stigmatised, is something I've always lived for. Rina's combination of Japanese couture via London streetwear leaves me gag whenever her posts pop up on my insta feed. She's also just an all-round fun person, like I'd love to party with her (although she'd tower over me ddd).

    That's not to say that Rina's output is shallow or reliant on visuals alone, there is real depth behind these songs. Zoning in on the concept of the increasing digitalisation of our lives, from our mental health to our romantic lives, Rina is an exploration of how technology has and still is impacting upon our generation, complete with punchy synths, dreamy soundscapes and Rina's stellar vocal delivery. The songs have an authentic late-90s/early 00s pop sensibility to them (though far more expensive), that gives me a warm sense of nostalgia as I bop - always a bonus. Even though it's only a mini-album, this is easily one of the best pop releases of the year and I can't wait to see what she comes out with next, hopefully a full album...unless she ends up signing to Atlantic KIIIII don't joke about that.


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  11. I'm talkin everyday you gon wanna hit on this
    So sticky Winnie the Pooh ain't got shit on this
    Come get you a sample lick between the camel
    Pussy tastes sweet cause I ate my pineapple
    Light a couple candles prove you can handle
    Pussy gooey like yolk before the egg scrambled
    Never trust a man who wear briefs
    Cause he gon wanna fuck and keep it brief
    Call again when you need something to eat
    So I could open my legs. Bon Appetit.

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  12. I waited for you
    In the spot you said to wait
    In the city, on a park bench
    In the middle of the pouring rain
    'Cause I adored you
    I just wanted things to be the same
    You said to meet me out there tomorrow

    But tomorrow never came
    Tomorrow never came

  13. Yeah I don't think I'm gonna vote in this. I can't bring myself to sit through Number 1 Angel or About You or whatever. Plus I just don't think the rest really go together genre-wise and that's no tea no shade @constantino sis and I'm sorry, I just don't wanna be unenthusiastic for the majority of the rate

    I will be here the when the number 12 is announced to scream blue murder if Melodrama doesn't take up the entirety of the top 11 though, so have no doubt about that x
  14. It was only 9.25, I feel like a bad stan.
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  15. Sober II is one of the best cuts on the record, thank you.
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  16. LEADERBOARD TEA - ROUND TWO (20 voters in)

    Anyone care for some English Breakfast tea? We are now halfway towards my target number of voters (i.e. more than I got in the Ellie rate ddd) and the leaderboard has shifted significantly...

    - There is now just 0.05 between the top 2, and I really hope number 2 gets it.
    - Shockingly, only 4 sections now make up the top 10, and the highest rated songs from the other sections are starting to change.
    - There are still no blocks of eliminations to be seen but two albums don't look set to be losing a track until weeks into the reveals.
    - The Extras are still fairing extremely well and I can see two potentially sneaking into the top 10.
    - 11s are fairly well spread across albums, with each section (Haim and Extras included) getting at least one 11.
    - Unfortunately for one of you, the first 11 on the chopping block is sitting at #69 and the next one isn't far behind...
    - The song I thought was definitely gonna win has climbed but still could miss the top 10 entirely. Will it be the little bop that could? Watch this space...

    That's your lot...for now!

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  17. Let me lower my Muna scores a bit to compensate for this reverse trolling.
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  18. I have voted.

    Melodrama: 8.77 (3x10)
    #1 Angel: 8.7 (5x10)
    Lust For Life: 8.43 (6x10)
    About U: 7.66 (2x10)
    Masseduction: 7.25 (1x10)
    Something To Tell You: 6.63 (0x10)
    Extras: 8 (1x10)

    (One of those 10s is an 11)
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  19. I usually am more on the Pitchfork-style grader as opposed to fangirl "yas honey, 10!" grader, so I actually had only one song that I found to be a real 10. I'm consider padding my scores a bit because some of these scores are unreal.
  20. You better because there are at least 20 10s to be found here.