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VOTING CLOSED - The Indie/Alt Pop/Not-quite-'Mainstream'-but-still-accessible Girls 2017 Rate!!1

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by constantino, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. I don’t know how other people score but 10s are the songs on my shortlist for 11 that didn’t get the top honor.

    As for everything else, I honestly have no clue how to score. What separates a 7 from an 8 from a 9?

    (Ddd I probably overthink rate scores too much sometimes)
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  2. I personally give 10s to songs I would happily see win.
  3. This. There just happen to be a lot of those in this rate.
  4. I 100% overthink my scoring and definitely struggle to differentiate. I decided that 6's are good songs that are pleasant and I would add to a playlist but don't give me any major reaction. 7's are a step up from that in that they are solid songs that excite me in some way. The difference between a 7, 8 and 9 are how much I love them/react to them/want to listen to them over again. I found that in this rate, I found a song that I felt really felt like an "8" for whatever reason and then judged other songs against that.

    The joys of anxiety and overthinking!
  5. Thank you for actually answering that question I legit needed the input.

    I’m so indecisive when it comes to voting. Probably why I’m so shit at following through with rate participation.
  6. I gave out 32 tens and one album didn't get any oop.
  7. bye
  8. 1 iconic mixtape and 2 iconic albums. Your point?
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  9. FYC #8 - Chelsea Wolfe - Hiss Spun


    Since it's Monday, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about potentially the heaviest album on my FYC list, so apologies in advance. I'm not usually one for openly 'depressing' music, but there's something attractive about how relentlessly bleak this album is. The QUEEN of gothic folk, Chelsea Wolfe is an absolutely vision - an Elvira-like aesthetic with alabaster skin and pitch black locks, often serving some gothic lqqks to match. I speak about her aesthetic because visuals are an important accompaniment for music in my opinion and Chelsea is an excellent example of an artist that gives a fully realised concept with everything she puts out.

    Since 2011, I've been following her discography at a slight distance, but 2015's Abyss absolutely fucked me up in the best possible way and I've been obsessed ever since. It was such a consistent and varied album, exploring tone, texture and emotion in such a powerful way. As such, Hiss Spun was one of my most-anticipated releases of the year, and Chelsea did not disappoint me in the slightest. This album sees her delve further into sludgier, Metal-esque soundscapes, making it her darkest release to date.

    Hiss Spun opens with the grandeur of 'Spun', which instrumentally is one of her most impressive tracks to date; the guitars are incredible, with an almost smokey twang to them. After what feels like a fairly measured start, '16 Psyche' comes along and melts my fucking face off with the heaviness and wrath that I've come to expect from Chelsea at this point in her discography. Lyrically, the track carries a sexual aggression and confidence that makes it all the more invigorating for a woman in such a male-dominated genre ("I've spent, in different beds / Many moons / And that's the way I prefer it"). As the title suggests, 'The Culling' is fucking relentless - at 6 minutes, it's the longest track on the album, and it feels suitably epic. Another favourite of mine is the pulsating 'Particle Flux', which is one of the more driving and melodic moments on the album, also featuring one of her more emotive vocal performances to match. The track 'Offering', sonically-speaking at least, is the lightest and probably easiest listen on the album, veering more towards eery beauty than straight up horror.

    To talk about the other standout track, I'm gonna quote @Ironheade's paragraph from the calendar thread because he articulated it better than I ever could:

    I'm fully aware that this album won't appeal to most of you and has very little relevance to the other artists in this thread, but these reviews are about expanding the parameters of what gets discussed on this forum and appreciating women in music, so I hope at least one of you gets into Chelsea's music. If you're thinking of checking her out, I would recommend starting with Abyss because it's a more melodic listen than Hiss Spun.

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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. rdp


    Sometimes it feels like I've got a war in my mind
    I wanna get off but I keep riding the ride
    I never really noticed that I had to decide
    To play someone's game... or live my own life
    But now I doooooooooooooooooo
    I wanna
    Out of the black (OUT OF THE BLACK)
    Into the blue (INTO THE BLUE)
    Out of the black (OUT OF THE BLACK)
    Into the blue (INTO THE BLUE)

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  12. I've now cleaned up the front page a bit. I thought it was time to start ordering things a bit now that the thread's getting longer...
  13. 2 remarks:
    1. I've been hammering Two Weeks and whew let's link to it again because you need to relisten as well.
    2. The good sis Spotify came through with the 2017 retrospective and let me tell you @constantino you ain't slick for sleeping on one of the best songs of the year. The star power. The hipster-pop crossover potential. The colossal boppability.

    Don't mind me I'm almost done with my scores
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  14. I know the thought of listening to such high quality music may seem overwhelming, but it’s worth it!

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  15. We love a hit gif maker. Me.
  16. I'm sure a lot of you following my posts often think to yourselves 'what the hell is he thinking??', well let me give you a little insight into my internal monologue at this present moment:

    - Oh my God I have 5 deadlines in two weeks how the hell am I gonna pull this off?"
    - Why is coding so fucking difficult?
    - Is my relentless panicking about my assignments and life in general draining the energy of those around me?
    - Yes.
    - Must resist giving Taylor more streams by listening to Getaway car again...but I really want to bc bop
    - don't
    - This rate is really fucking stressful - I'm putting all the spare time I have into something that I cannot even tell my friends and family about...and yet I still do it and live for the attention
    - I'm 99% sure I used two different font sizes in my Haim artwork...shit.
    - At least I don't have to listen to Ellie Goulding's full discography on loop for 6 months again
    - Man, the Ellie rate was fun though
    - Ellie is underrated actually...lemme listen to 'Stay Awake' again
    - Fuck, I have to submit two more assignments by Thursday
    - Oh, yeah, I'm supposed to be writing a FYC review, which are chronically under-liked by those ungrateful binches in the thread
    - *General anxieties including the cost of living, my 3 secret santas and the state of my Duolingo, which I haven't touched since September*
    - At least The Apprentice is on tomorrow...

    Oh and one more thing...

    When the sweaty walls are bangin’
    I don’t fuck with family planning
    Make it rain girl, make it rain

    Make it rain girl, make it rain
    Make it rain girl, make it rain
    Make it rain girl, make it rain
    Make it rain girl, make it rain
    Make it rain girl, make it rain
    Make it rain girl, make it rain
    Make it rain girl, make it rain
    Make it rain girl, make it rain
    Make it rain girl, make it rain


    FYC #9 - Yaeji - EP2


    Imma keep this one short since it's only an EP but 'Raingurl' has been on repeat for the past few weeks and it just. won't. let. up. Whew! That dirty bassery of it all, the genius bilingually of it all, the badassery of it all...yaeji, sis, my wig goes out to you. We LOVE a late track of the year contender.

    It wasn't until this week that I checked out the parent EP and what I found was potentially my favourite EP release of the year. Yaeji is one hell of a producer and her combination of house, techno and luscious experimental electronica, all with a clear pop sensibility, reminded me of a Kelly Lee Owens with a K-pop twist. 'Raingurl' is the biggest 'pop' moment and an obvious highlight, but 'After That' is also a bit of a ~moment~ for me and is the most KLO-lite of all the tracks. Oh and for you longer-term fans, yes, 'Drink I'm Sippin' On' still absolutely knocks. 'Passionfruit' is also glorious and features some pretty killer production too (The Saturdays' 'Pomegranate' found rotting)...actually, you know what? The entire damn EP is a masterpiece and I'll leave it at that.

    I NEED a full-length album from this queen in 2018 PLEASE.

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  17. Oh...
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  18. You’re welcome.
  19. I haven't forgotten about this! Just have to listen to the MUNA album.
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  20. Keep denying yourself one of the best out and out pop albums of the year, cyst!