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VOTING CLOSED - The Indie/Alt Pop/Not-quite-'Mainstream'-but-still-accessible Girls 2017 Rate!!1

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by constantino, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. The Haim album really isn’t very good, is it?
  2. ... I’ve already listened babe. Just not a fan
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  3. Oh right.

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  4. I'll be sending in my scores soon, just gotta go over the extras a couple more times.

    Thank you for making me listen to the Muna album, @constantino.
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  5. Nawt me coming through with getting these scores done after resigning myself to the fact that I was far to busy for this.
    Still need to do commentary, but I gotta support my girls (and @constantino xoxo)

  6. She's submitted.

  7. I have started definitive scoring and giving commentary.

    Hoping the Haimens and Charlicks in this rate will not be coming for me too hard as I feel like those two albums will be the clear bottoms for me. Muna has a shot becoming my third album as I am still feeling very indifferent about St Vincent.
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  8. She's finished her album scores:

    Melodrama: 8.8
    About U: 9.2
    Something to Tell You: 8.5 (ddd)
    Lust for Life: 9.03
    #1 Angel: 9.05
    Masseduction: 8.9
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  9. Okay, I’ve started this. I’m kinda being mean with my scores though after seeing some of these sky high averages. Only want the best songs to rise to the top.
  10. When @Sprockrooster's ballot is far from the worst you've received so far

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  11. Finished my scores, all six albums are in my top 20 of the year so rating these has been a delight. Ready for sticky icky opinions, hard feelings, crying on the bathroom floor, ruined peaches and general messeducation.
  12. A bit shook, there are more fake ass indie stans voting here. But I made sure the averages for Lana got upped. I am not that certain if she will perform so much better because of me.

    Here are my averages:

    Lust For Life - 9.2
    Melodrama - 8.7

    One album surprised me:
    Masseduction - 7.7

    The rest? A mediocre mixed bag with one album being all filler no killer:
    About U - 6.3
    Something To Tell You - 6.3
    Extras - 6.2
    Number One Angel - 6.0
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Switch St Vincent and Lana and my scores are quite similar, except you were much kinder to Charli.
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  15. I know. I only entered scores to give Lana higher averages. With the rate last year I am well aware I have no business in the top 10 aside from Lorde cause Lana will not be there with all those haters.
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  16. I wasn't planning on doing this since I wasn't familiar with either the MUNA or St. Vincent albums but after listening to them this week and finding them both stupendous I'm going to try and get it done.

    Still not here for Haim or Charli tho ddd
  17. [​IMG]

    She's back and she's got a lot of high scores.

    About U - 9.125
    Melodrama - 9
    Lust For Life - 8.687
    Masseduction - 8.458
    Extras - 8.458
    #1 Angel - 7.85
    Something to Tell You - 7.09
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  18. I liked this post when I saw Lust For Life’s score but then unliked it when Charli’s album was dragged.

  20. I've now rated everything except Lana. I'm really not looking forward to this.