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WANNA ONE + Produce 101 Season 2

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Seger, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. I'm mad that I was starting to like Hyunbin and loved his pink hair and now he's off to go back to modeling since yg+ doesn't do music. He needs to become a full-time real trainee.
  2. WTF at a new #1. And YAAAAASSS to TWO FINAL SONGS!
    I won't be surprised if tonight's #3 will be the FINAL CENTER after this episode's events.
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  3. [​IMG]
    Just when we thought Lai Guan Lin was unstoppable, and that Ha Sungwoon was gonna be gone. The Haknyeon backlash is getting realer and realer.
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  4. Not BoA calling Baekho 'sexy daddy' noooooooooooooooooo
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  5. Still grieving about Taedong's elimination. King better be center of The Vibe Label's upcoming boy group.
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  6. Yas at Samuel finally returning to the top 11.

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  7. He


    Too lazy to google the names of that top 11, but great for Kang Daniel! Hunty Daehwi is hanging for dear life, though.

    Doing my baby Baekho dirty, I see, Korea. Where are the rest of Nu'est?
  8. Somebody is snatching Nu'est for himself.
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  9. JR (their leader and rapper) who was at #1 in the second elimination episode is at #7.

    Min-hyun is at #11, one place higher than Baekho. And Ren is at #15.
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  10. A 22 member finale seems to be the most right number for me. It made sense because there will be two teams of 11 to complete for the 11 final spots. Yongguk and Hyunbin could have still been around.

    I mean, last year's 11 versus 11 moment was amazing.

    - - -
    Let us mourn for the elimination of another sassy gurl tonight @NathanJ
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  11. Me at this fucking show:

    I just want to fast forward to debut and buy the album 'cause I'm ready to stan anyway. Whoever makes it in the group doesn't matter as long as I like at least half of the members. I'm exhausted from all this drama.
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  12. Also, Haknyeon being out of Top 11 is the concept I like the most. Let's keep it that way, National Producers. Kamsahamnida!
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    They should make two groups, like, these kids seem insanely popular by the amount of votes you guys report.

    Though their respective companies must be wanting them to not make the group, actually, to capitalise on the fame right away.
  14. It would be a total backlash if we had two groups. The amount of hate as to a line-up of more than 11 yesterday got Korea seething and angry! Basically anyone in the top 30 is well-deserving of being center/lead of their respective groups in their labels given the insane amount of votes this season.
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  15. BoA just did the ~big reveal~ and the group is going to be called... Wanna One.

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    I.O.I. sounds like an amazing name in comparison.
  17. I swear I hated IOI when I first heard it. We'll just get used to Wanna One.
  18. Wanna One is more like song title than a group's name.
  19. Produce 101 - Super Hot
    Center: Ha Sung-woon of HOTSHOT
  20. I mean I get it, it kinda sounds like 101 when you say it but still... No. I'd rather O.I.O haha.