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WANNA ONE / Produce 101 Season 2

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Seger, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. Damn, I wish I'd watched this mess live now. I hope subs show up soon.
  2. You can follow this Twitter account. I do hope the subs come faster this season, but last year it took a week to come out.
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    Lord the accounts of really bad conditions for the trainees are putting me off from watching.
  4. It's no worse than the first season where they had a celebrity trainer poke and prod some of the girls to see how flabby they were, then calling out the flabbiest to the front.
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    That was really awful, true.

    I hated it.
  6. I don't know if I should watch this. Watching my Nu'est babies struggling to achieve relevance is gonna depress me for sure.
  7. Girl, it was bad. Kahi started crying out of pity before the performance even started and it completely threw the boys off. D's across the board except for Minhyun who scraped by with a C.

    This is like the most draconian, soul-crushing reality show ever invented and I'm almost living for it. Hope Ren takes up drag full-time after this fiasco.
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  8. Screaming at Kahi's tears completely drying after that massacre of Because of You.

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    I need a bit of background. Why is she crying? They were both on Pledis at the same time?

    Also, did Kahi get a new face?
  10. She was with them since they entered the company and became trainees. The 4 debuted as NU'EST (plus one member who didn't go onto the show) in 2012 (I think it's important to note all 4 were 16 when they debuted as well, having been trainees since they were 13-14) but the group never really became successful in Korea. Even though Kahi has stick up her ass she basically helped founded Pledis, she has some attachment to them.
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    Haha I love bitchy Kahi, though.

    But yeah, must be tough seeing those guys still trying to achieve a bit of success.
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  12. I'm rooting for this one, too.

    And of course, my fave!

    These gossip-mongers need to have more screen time next episode.

    The moment when the YG K+ boys came in was so much kii too.
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  13. Episode 1, English-subbed, is out.
  14. BoA singing Very Very Very was a moment.
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  15. The girls' Pick Me finally being performed by the boys.
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    That bigger stage makes everything look messier.

    But yas, hunties. Werk to the superior Pick Me.
  17. Mess, haha!
  18. Samuel is my favourite by a mile, I need to get to know the others really. Poor Nu'est babies fucking it all up.
  19. The first episode was a total blast. So glad this show is back! The messiness is still there, thank god. I love 30 year old oppa with the awkward dance.

    Meanwhile, Pick Me 2.0 has been taking over my playlists.
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  20. Watching this now. I'd forgotten how much I love this show. Such great television. The level of the trainees leaves much to be desired though.
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