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WANNA ONE / Produce 101 Season 2

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Seger, Dec 7, 2016.

    • Without the Big 3 in the show, it's just another game between Fantagio, Pledis, Cube, and Starship. Now FNC joins in.
    • Hopefully, unexpected favorites like Kim Chungha, Lee Suhyun, Lee Haein, Han Hyeri and Yoo Yunjeung emerge this season.
    • Kim Samuel (Brave), Justin (Yuehua), Ong Seungwoo (Fantagio), Nu'est's Minhyun and JR (Pledis) and Lai Guan Lin (Cube) stood out for me in the first episode. There were clearly more visuals in there too.
    • The entrance of the YG K+ boys and Nu'est gave so much kii and funny gifs as expected.
    • I lowkey want Tip-Toe Guy to make it. He might be 30 years old, but he'll be a good leader like Im Nayoung was in I.O.I.
    • Lai Guan Lin is gonna get the 'stone Nayoung' treatment this season isn't he?
  1. Samuel / Seungwoo / Dong Ho / Abs Uncle Oppa fighting!~~~

    And none for PocaMoontas or Daewhy thanks. Co-signed by @ajmkv
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  2. I'm watching this right now!!

    The "deep" intro narrated by BoA nearly killed me. The gravitas of it all. This ancient music straight from historic drama when NU'EST came also nearly killed me and the reactions from everybody else "Can I sit down?" No bitch, pay your respect!

    YG trolling whole show by sending models..."4 warm goblins" - screenwriters are not even playing.

    I'm very attracted to Don Mills. Very. On other hand Cheetah hairstyle offends me deeply.
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  3. He


    Ok but when did Kahi turn into Hyomin?
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  4. The MMO trainees are entertaining. I'll stan whatever flop group they debut with after the show probably.
  5. Hong Eunki is going to be that guy who everyone thinks is cute but won't actually care that much about and will just barely miss the top 35 cut off by two spots but I'm getting ready to stan him anyway.
  6. I can't believe they're bigging up Samuel to be the next Somi just because of the Brave connection... Can they big up Brave Girls to be the next nation's girlband while they're at it?

    The Yuehua trainees were such stunt queens.
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  7. Tip Toe is so close to Top 11. Two Nu'est members in the latest Top 11 ranking.
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  8. He


    I need a ranking with pictures, I don't remember most names.


    I'm guessing the safe bets are Samuel and that Ong guy. Tiptoe guy should make it!
  9. I don't follow boy bands so I thought it's not going to be as good as season 1 for me , but I'm watching it right now and it's so good. I was laughing during the first 30 minutes at their comments about each other , specially a guy ( Daehwi , I guess?! ) who had something to say about every single thing. BoA is so lovely and I'm happy that Hyomin Kahi and Cheetah are back again.
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  10. The visuals this season are on another level.
  11. Thoughts while watching ep1:

    BoA is going IN, and I love it.
    Samuel's nose is weird but he's good.
    Abs uncle was cute.

    BoA singing Very Very Very was hilarious. She's so cute.


    Cube's trainees were a disgrace.

    Ong is ok, but he dances like he's having a seizure and his rap wasn't all that. REOKY FOR U THAZ WHA I LIKE

    What is the actual point of Cheetah? Especially with her new ahjumma hair.
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  12. Baekhyun is sitting at 14?! How is JR above him?!

    And I laughed when I realized Aaron wasn't even on this list.
  13. He's not participating in the show.
  14. He


    BoA is very mean. Not sure I like her.

    I know she's a legend, but hmm.
  15. She has absolutely every right to be as harsh as she wants though.
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  16. No one actually likes BoA, we just like some of her bops.
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  17. I like and agree with the judges' harshness this year; the quality of performance has frankly been below average so far.
  18. Always forgotten.
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  19. He


    It's true that so far the guys are less than impressive. Haven't heard a single good vocalist so far.

    Will YMC (mis)manage the resulting group?
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