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WANNA ONE / Produce 101 Season 2

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Seger, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. I love these two. They're total opposites personality-wise.
  2. Daewho? Daewhy!~~
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  3. Someone alert me when ep2 is subbed
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  4. Mnet need to rig it so this guy gets in to the final line-up and we'll actually have a proper vocalist in the group.

    I went through some of the auditions and most of them were as bad or even worse than the ones that got aired. There is this gem of a performance of Taemin's Sayonara Hitori from Takada Kenta though.

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  5. I need one or two of these three to make it to the Top 11. Kim Jaehwan especially. The final boy group will need a main vocal after all.
  6. Apparently the gays of Korea have spoken and this is their Top 11:

    1 - Kang Daniel

    2 - Ong Seongwoo

    3 - Kang Dongho

    4 - Joo Haknyeon

    5 - Park Jihoon

    6 - Bae Jinyoung

    7 - Ahn Heongseop

    8 - Hwang Minhyun

    9 - Yoon Jiseong

    10 - Lee Woojin

    11 - Lee Daehwi
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  7. I'm watching the 2nd episode and oh my goodness, the maknae! I want to adopt him. Cutness overload.

    YG K+ models were hilariously bad. BoA's "The world is fair" shade!! Savage.

    YESSS at HOTSHOT getting A grades as first. I stan those nugus for a reason.
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  8. Can you post the English subbed episode here please ?
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  9. Baekho's struggle is so sad. Samuel is basically useless and I hate the fact he will most likely sail into Top 11 anyway. I need more proper, decent vocalists!
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  10. Watching episode 2 now. Most people were tragic but I liked the Starship guys.
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  11. EPISODE 3: TOP 11
    Despite lack of screentime, Park Jihoon aka Wink Boy remains at #1. Lee Daehwi climbs to #2.
    #3 Kim Samuel (Brave)

    #4 Ong Seungwoo (Fantagio)

    #5 Ahn Hyungseob (Yuehua)

    #6 Joo Haknyeon (Cre.Ker/Loen)

    #7 Lai Guanlin (Cube)

    #8 Jang Moonbok (ONO)

    #9 Yoon Jisung (MMO)

    #10 Bae Jinyoung (C9)

    #11 Jung Sewoon (Starship)

    Close enough...
    #12 Kang Daniel (MMO)
    Mnet uploaded tonight's performances on Youtube, too.
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  12. On episode 3 last 37 are being cut, right? That's what BoA said during episode 2.
  13. Yas Queen Daewhi break that homophobic glass ceiling~
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  14. He


    The Nu'est guy Kahi called out for being slow is rather hot.
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  15. He


    Samuel is giving me Somi teas.
  16. Is episode two out with subs?
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  17. He


    Yes, it's a few posts before yours.
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  18. I'm so dumb haha, thanks!
  19. Can we talk about Don Mills? Because I have a lot of feelings. I need that kind of man in my life.
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