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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Pye, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. I hope this isn't the last time we see Franky. It's so good seeing her on screen again.
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  2. I didn't realise how much I missed Franky until the latest episode.

    Also whatever happened to Sky from Series 2?
  3. I think Sonia is starting to rumble Liz's game, she's a quick one. It's a pity to see Allie back on the coke, but hopefully Bea can help get her straight.
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  4. I can't believe there's only 3 episodes left. Lots of loose ends still to tie together before the season ends.

    I don't know how Australian television works but when will we find out if it's been renewed for season 5? Is the show big down under? Or does it only have a cult following?

    My extended family lives in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne. None of them have heard of Wentworth. Not that that says anything but it makes me wonder.
  5. I checked at it tends to draw 140-200k viewers per episode but i'm not sure how big that is for Australia.
  6. I can't see where they'll take Bea after this series, I'd put money on her dying in the finale.

    2 episodes to go!
  7. If they killed her off, I would probably mourn her loss... She's such a brilliant character and after binging on the first 3 seasons again this past week to refresh my mind, she's morphed so much from the scared wreck she was when she first entered Wentworth. However, with that said, she's fulfilled her duty and I don't know what else they really could explore with her character. And with that, I don't know where the show itself would go.

    She is the link to the beginning.

    I'm so glad Franky has popped back up again. Nicole is brilliant.

    Also, what am I supposed to watch now when this show is finished??? I hope the finale brings news of Season 5.
  8. I want another season already
  9. Yay!
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  10. Can't wait! I am gutted that season 4 is already finished from next week. Hopefully we'll at least get a teaser?
  11. Cracking episode, I'm gonna assume it's The Freak who dies in the finale. Also...

    Ba da da da daaaa
  12. Pamela Rabe has been discussing the fifth season for a while so I doubt Joan will die. Kinda wish she would though, haha. I enjoy her but we could do with a new main villain. Let Sonia take the reins!

    Anyway, really liked this episode. Thought it'd be a bit more chaotic with Bea and Kaz but looks like that'll be next week instead. Franky was great, as usual, and I'm sure (praying) Allie will be okay.
  13. Horrified at what happened to Allie, but her sleeping with Bea kind of gave it away that something bad was going to happen. The Freak is... well, a freak. Once again, living for Sonia. What a classy murderer.

    Yas Franky.
  14. Jesus next week is going to give me a heart attack! Whyyyyyyy must we wait an entire year?!

    Such a phenomenal show, so much better and gripping than Orange.
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  15. Just watched the promo for the finale. I'm going to guess they're following Prisoner and Frankie gets shot.

    I just don't know how to call things with Wentworth, you expect one thing then they completely flip it.
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  16. Such a great show, even though it can be a bit OTT.
  17. Yeah it is extreme sometimes but that's what keeps me glued. I'm not bored to tears like I am with Orange.
  18. I really hope I'm wrong but I'm guessing Frankie will die in the finale. I can't see where else they can take her after this season. She has barely been in it much this season anyway, and with the actress living in LA now, maybe she has decided to quit.
  19. I agree with you, but she has always been so refreshing to see on when she's on the show. But, killing her off would give new purpose to Bridgette... and even more reason to hate 'The Freak'.