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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Pye, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. Abe


    I never got the idea she was going to die, I get the feeling she's going to do something thats going to land her right back in Wentworth. I don't know though.

    I can't wait for the final.
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  2. I wish she would end up back in wentworth. I semi hoped that her going behind the Legal Councils back and sending in that report would have done it.
  3. Her going back in Wentworth would be a bad idea. They already did they storyline with Liz being released then going back in. I want to see Frankie be successful.
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  4. Me too. It'd be incredibly depressing to see her go back in now.
  5. I want Frankie to succeed, but I want her banged up so I/We get to see her more. So bittersweet.
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  6. What a thrilling episode! Heart was pumping the entire time... but dear Lord why do we have to wait an entire year?!!!!
  7. Well that was the most depressing episode since Debbie's death! Still amazing, though. Looking forward to the aftermath of that final scene, as well as Top Dog Kaz and whatever's in store for Sonia and Jake.
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  8. I'm curious to see if Jake will get discovered! And Ally is still alive! Wonder what will happen to the Freak? During the showdown with Frankie and Shayne / I really thought a policemen would see them and see Frankie in possession of the gun and arrest her. I'm really glad she was still an integral part of the show's finale despite how unrealistic it all is.

    Part of me was hoping for like a little teaser of what's to come but oh well... Until May...
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  9. Oh gosh can't wait to watch.
  10. That last 10 minutes, Jesus Christ.
    The writers of Wentworth are absolutely brilliant/heartless bastards.

    I need a drink to calm my fragile nerves.
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  11. This is TV at its best! That episode took my breath away - phenomenal acting all round, superb writing and as for that last scene... wow. It was definitely the best way to finish a brilliant season of Wentworth.
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  12. Major Season 5 Spoiler:

    Bea is most definitely dead. Danielle McCormack has told TV Week that she will not be returning to the show in any form.

    Personally, I'm glad. The show has set itself up in a way where it can continue. I still think Franky is going back in.
  13. I so wish I hadn't clicked on that spoiler.
    I guess it's for the best though, she dodged death at least once every season...and there's really nothing else she can do or accomplish-she won, no longer top dog, found love again (although quickly fleeting), and she took down her biggest foe. Her story would have became stagnant eventually.
  14. Well just bingewatched The last 8 episodes (Thanks C5 for pissing around with the scheduling and screwing up my series link!) Have to say the first 4 episodes were slow slow slow but Wow. It improved every episode.

    A few pointers though;
    If they have killed off Bea lets hope it doesn't go the same was as Prisoner did when they killed off Bea as it genuinely wasn't the same after that.
    Seeing Franky back was great but please don't send her back - give her a happy ending.
    Sonia Stevens is great - she will be the highlight of Series 5 for sure.
    Boomer - well isn't she just amazing?
    I want to see Marie Winter next series, please make it happen.
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  15. Season 5 starts in a month, I am so excited! I hope I can find ways of viewing again this year as the channel I followed on DailyMotion was deceased by the time the 2nd to last episode of S4 aired.

    I don't want to wait for the series to run its course in Australia and then have it on Netflix.
  16. So soon! I think that last year it aired in the UK around 4 weeks behind Australian pace - hoping that a) they have kept the rights and b) they do a "same-week transmission"
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  17. Personally I think it would help ratings if they did that especially in the age of the internet and streaming. Kind of foolish not to especially since this show has walked on the fence of cancellation before.
  18. 100% agree - quite why UK channels don't seem to grasp that viewers demand instant watch is a mystery to me. I kind of understand late-starts for USA series (with the ridiculous Christmas break) so that they flow better - however, with Wentworth Channel 5 had a smash hit on their hands and pretty much threw it away...
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  19. I live in the US, so we have to wait until the series runs its course until they plonk it on Netflix with no notification. S4 was on the following day after the season finale, but that was what? End of July? That's a pretty horrendous wait considering all the spoilers posted online.

    At least season 5 is starting a month earlier this year.
  20. I can't wait for this to come back, even though I'm still devastated about Bea.