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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Pye, Apr 22, 2013.

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  2. There's a new teaser trailer on their Facebook page.

    I'm currently rewatching the series and there's little bits and pieces that I've forgotten and or missed the first time. But I want it all fresh.

    A little over 2 weeks to go!!
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  3. Tomorrow! Ugh I can't wait!!!
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  4. Ok, I caught the last two episodes of S4 with my housemate yesterday (who's become addicted and watched all four seasons in about a month). I've never watched it before, though I live for Prisoner Cell Block H, and I was quite impressed.
    It felt quite end of an era with the events, so should I go back and watch them all, or just watch S5 as it airs.

    Decisions decisions.
  5. Wait, this is on tomorrow?
  6. Watch it all.
    It's so good.
  7. It's on right now in Aus isn't it?
  8. Wow, that fight in the yard... Ferguson looked absolutely demented! Was great to see a lot of Franky again too, I can't wait to see what's in store for her. Kaz was a bit nothingy though, as were Liz and Doreen. Sonia should definitely take over at some point.
  9. The first part of the episode had me in a mix of tears and boredom. I kind of wanted to just get on with it as they say. But holy shittttttt!

    Poor Franky. That guy is a nutter!
  10. The fight was incredible. The Freak never ceases to amaze... lowkey wanted to see her get the steam press treatment, to be honest. I can't see the girls sticking to Kaz's "no violence" policy for too long.

    I was not expecting that to be the reason why Franky ended up back inside! Can't wait for episode 2.
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  11. Allie absolutely bores me to tears, I never bought in to her and Bea.
  12. What a stunning, heartbreaking and exciting premiere episode. This show is the only one I know that knows how to deliver such amazing prime time drama!
  13. I love the Joan-Vera sparring, especially with lines like today's: "Vera, if you think I'm gonna ask what's in the box then you're mistaken... oh I give in, what's in the box?" The ending montage of Joan and Franky both putting teal on was awesome.

    Not really here for the murder mystery storyline though, it was bad enough with Will, Joan and Harry Smith in the third season. Also hoping that's not the last we see of Maxine! Looks like Sonia loses her cool next week, can't wait to see what happens with her and Liz.
  14. I cackled at this!
    Really enjoyed this episode, not looking forward to the next, seems Liz heavy and I'm not that keen on her.

    Promo Ep 3:
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  15. Not feeling this season. The only high point is full time Frankie. Liz annoys the hell out of me.
  16. I'm not sure how invested I am now Bea is gone. Living without Fletch was hard enough. At least Franky is back.
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  17. I have a feeling Frankie & Allie will escape and Frankie gets shot, like the original. I hope not.
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  18. Does anyone know when this is getting aired in the UK?