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We're Gonna Cause A Controversy: The Xenomania Rate (THE WINNER)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by CorgiCorgiCorgi, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. This is so so good! Thank you for posting. I always thought that they should have done a 'Show' and have the leaders of the pack begin and end the song, that would have started the song with a bang!
  2. I would've preferred Every Now And Then as a single. That one is so good.
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  3. [​IMG]
    16. Sugababes -- Red Dress

    Average: 8.49
    High Scores:
    10x7 (@Sprockrooster, @GhettoPrincess, @sfmartin, @DominoDancing, @phily693, @tylerc904, @Epic Chocolat, @KingBruno)
    Low Scores: 5x1 (@A&E)​

    This sassy little tune was the first single released after Mutya Buena left, with Amelle Berrabah taking her spot - so they re-recorded the song with her vocals. Which version’s better? Personally I like Mutya’s slightly more detached take on it, but I can see why it might bore people.

    Though the song was commercially successful (the third consecutive top 10 hit from Taller In More Ways!), reviews were mixed. The Guardian called it ”a lazy and rather too obvious retread of the vastly superior In The Middle”, but Virgin Media gave it a ⅘ review, complimenting its ”shedloads of quirky sassiness mix with an infectious, fuzzy bassline, borrowed from Tony Clarke's Northern Soul classic Landslide”.

    @Untouchable Ace: People talk about how it would be better with an 'Ace Reject' structure, but I don't get that. This is defiitely a step up from it's sister In The Middle but They both are more Xeno than Suga and were the start of the end for the Sugababes. The songs are good, but should have been released by another group.

    @Sprockrooster: Cuz I’m cooler than the red dress = iconic.

    @GhettoPrincess: What a bop, Amelle sounds far more into it so I prefer her version. Can tell very much that it’s an Xenomania bop.

    @KingBruno: An absolute yas at these funk influences. Very danceable, to say the least.

    @sfmartin: Probably my second favourite Sugababes song. It's just such a rush. Pop perfection. If it was just the first chorus all the way through it would still be great, but they never leave things at great, they just keep snatching wigs chorus after chorus.

    @evilsin: It's just fine. I like it, but not a lot.

    @DJHazey: I've never heard what everyone else hears in the chorus, either one of them. Keisha slays my soul in the opening and the prechorus but it always loses all of its steam pretty quickly.

    @DominoDancing: Another bop. Love how this basically goes "You thought this was the chorus? Ha, you have no idea!" before it hits you with the "Don't need candlelight to make you stay over" part. Fantastic.

    @phily693: It was very conventional for them at the time, but I think it could be sang by almost any pop star and be amazing.

    @HollyDunnSomething: I remember anxiously awaiting to hear Amelle's take on this song and she didn't disappoint. This was a strong start for 3.0 so I'm glad it was a hit.

    @Mina: If I was going to give 2 10s to the Sugababes, this would have been the 2nd.

    @londonrain: I prefer the Mutya version but it's all much of a muchness. This is a very cool song while still being a solid Xenomania banger. I was disappointed that it wasn't as amazing as Push The Button but that was always going to be a high standard to match.

    @tylerc904: Probably my favorite Xenobabes cut, very closely rivaled by Hole in the Head. Such a rush of a tune.

    @mrdonut: Amazing Northern Soul sample, amazing “to you” echo from Heidi.

    @iheartpoptarts: I actually really love red as a dress colour. It’s very look-at-me but it’s also sophisticated, you know?
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  4. These losses are starting to hurt a lot.
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  5. Anything to help make up for that ghastly 0 for Something New.

    The heck with it, let's eliminate your 11 next, whatever it is.

    *insert evil cat gif*
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  6. The claws are coming out....mrow.

    (And you didn't get what my 11 is after both @londonrain and I basically told you?!)
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  7. Oh I'm playing "blissfully unaware" despite knowing. I love the song almost as much as you two do, but at this point sacrifices need to made.
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  8. Sacrifices at the unholy, overrated shrine of Tangled Up, maybe. I'll even give you "Round Round."
  9. See I gave your 11 in this rate, my 11 in their discography rate and rooted it on in the Winner's Rate but even then I'd still rank Call the Shots, Girl Overboard, Something New, and Untouchable above it. Knowing you're likely aiming at all four of those songs means I'll be doing my own aiming.
  10. Leave that song alone.
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  11. My 11 is not a Sugababes song.

    Of those 4, I only tanked Call the Shots and Something New.
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  12. Round Round can go at this point.
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  13. See, this is why I don't really understand any of your guy's hints in any thread.
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  14. I wish there was a gif of a woman tossing Avril Lavigne in a garbage can because I'd be posting it now.
  15. I asked for a song to leave a rate and you're calling a woman trash. I let you live with that one.
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  16. It wouldn't be fun if it were obvious!

    And if @londonrain 's 11 doesn't outlast mine, something is seriously wrong with this rate!
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  17. I've always considered Avril to be your thing like cats are for @Mina. Now I don't think cats are trash, but I still posted that gif to show my reaction to "The Promise" being called "utter shit." I admit it was probably a little rash and unwise, but it was completely a dig at you and Avril wasn't meant to be harmed. Oh, well, I'll live with that one. I suffered my version of a wrong usage of "the evil is defeated."
    Still, "Round Round" is a thousand times better than anything Avril's ever made.
  18. Avril's definition of everything she's made or her writers/producers definition? Either way you're about 80 songs or so off base.
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  19. And for the record, @Heaven on Earth , I didn't find your gif of a cat getting thrown into the trash funny, which is why I didn't like that post. I admit my commentary about the song was a bit strong, but I felt like people were piling on to me and didn't appreciate it.
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