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What's is the worst album by a favourite band or artist?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tommy Johnson, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. You knows how it is. Your favourite band/artist has a new album out and it's a big deal. Only for said album to turn out to be total trash! WTF happened? Can you forgive them and come back from this? Or do you hold a grudge against them forever more?

    What is the one dud by acts you generally love?
  2. Another very good thread Mr Tommy Johnson!

    I have to say for me it's Impossible Princess by Kylie. I don't go away running away screaming after hearing it, and it DOES have some decent moments. But, all the same it's not my cup of tea and what I like my music from Kylie to be. Say Hey and Through The Years especially are two of the most annoying songs ever!
  3. You know, people have been trying to get me to buy Impossible Princess for years. It seems to be really highly thought of. Unfortunately, the few tracks I've heard from it just haven't gelled with me. I like the first 4 albums, but then jump directly to Light Years onwards with Kylie.
  4. Yes, it is perhaps the magnum opus for many, of which is perfectly fine. It's just not on the whole what I want my Kylie music to be as I said. Thank goodness she saw the light (literally) with Light Years! Now THAT'S a very good album and more for me.
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  5. Light Years was a real rebirth for her. I've liked practically everything since then. Even Body Language, which everyone seems to hate!
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  6. Oh I ADORE Body Language! My Kylie first, and well you never do forget your first! In Music of course!
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  7. Britney Jean. Sorry.
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  8. I think this one could feature heavily.
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  9. Great thread!

    I knew IP would come up here, I personally love it, but can see why it's not what others may have wanted from her.

    This is going to take some thinking and review, since if I dislike an album that much I delete it or just don't play it, meaning that it doesn't come to mind. Only one I can think of at the moment is Madonna's Hard Candy, what an atrocious album after years of greatness (because even Im Breathless has some standouts and is forgiven for basically being a soundtrack album)
  10. It's not quite the same thing, but Glory has become my only Britney album I have not yet bought, as I failed to like the lead single off it. Put me off big time.
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  11. I'm mulling things over too.

    Re Madonna. I don't mind Hard Candy. I think it's endured better than Confessions On A Dancefloor. Yes, there are a couple of tragedies. All 25 minutes of Incredible and the dreadful Beat Goes On, for example. I do like the rest though. And Voices is one of my favourite later Madonna songs. That said, this was the start of her 'pandering' and the cover is vile.
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  12. I've listened to it on Spotify and all the effects on her voice put me right off it. Very distracting. That lead single was piss poor too.
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  13. I prefer Hard Candy over Confessions too. Now runs and hides after admitting that!
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  14. Yes, from the samples I've hard myself, I have to agree.
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  15. My least played Madonna albums are Erotica and American Life. The former is just too damn long. And it's like 14 variations on Justify My Love. AL I can take about once a year.
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  16. Toni Braxton's More Than A Woman album. It comes across so trend chasing and cheap. I love all of her albums prior and those that followed but I hate this record. Libra also flopped but I felt it was a return to form for Toni as well as Pulse and her album with Babyface. Surprisingly her sister Tamar co-wrote the majority of the album and has gone on to have some great songs so you'd think with the talents of Toni, Tamar , Pharrell etc it would have been great but it is definitely a 2002 album and may it stay there for eternity!
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  17. Oh I adore Erotica! It's in my Madonna top 2 after True Blue, American Life is ok, but have to be seriously in the mood for as it's quite heavy.
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  18. Robbie's Rudebox was the first album that came to mind when I saw this thread title. It divided a lot of people at the time, and I was only just becoming a fan of him in 2006 so the fact that he released what I then believed was quite a shit album was really disappointing. I do believe most people have come round to it now, though, as have I. I now consider it one of his best, but I definitely wouldn't have a few years ago!

    I'm sure there are better examples, but I can't think of any at the moment...
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  19. Also, I think Two Eleven is by far the worst album Brandy has released. It is nowhere near as good as her previous albums. I don't get her hatred for Human, I loved that album albeit a bit more mainstream from the straight RnB albums she released before that. I've tried to get into Two Eleven numerous times and just don't like any of the songs.
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  20. I waited a long time for No Doubt to return, and their comeback album couldn't have been more underwhelming. If we don't include their charmingly wonky debut album, it's definitely their worst effort.
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  21. I'm not even a Robbie fan as such, but even I remember that stopping his imperial phase dead at the time. I didn't mind the title song or Lovelight though, not bad songs personally.
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