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What's That Song?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Leopold, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Daniel bennigfield - gotta get through this
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  3. Check out the original...
  4. I was going to post this (even though it's a few years later):
  5. Okey I've been obsessed trying to remember a recent song I think I discovered here in the friday's playlist but not sure, all I remember is the infectious chorus saying something like: "he's a player, he's a, he's a, he's a player"

    Help please!

  6. This?
  7. yassssssss! this one! thank you so much, you made my day!
  8. Have the start of a song stuck in my head. It's recent and I think indie. Think it sounds a little like Everything Everything. All I have is the very start of it that uses a male vocal harmony of 'da da dum dum' over and over.

    I'm going insane searching Spotify! Help!

  9. Maybe this???
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  10. That's a fair guess from what I said, but it seems more like this, lots of guitars. Sounds a lot like what Radio1 often spin.

  11. 2014

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    Can't link it at the moment but The Horrors - Something To Remember Me By?
  12. I thought you were on to something, but no, not close!
  13. This was not a good song, artist or even a hit but a friend and I have been trying to track it down for years just to convince ourselves we didn’t imagine it.

    It was the early 00s and the artist was a very young female (too young to be a popstar really, we’re talking 12/13) - kind of a British, bargain basement Kaci. She featured on quite a few pop shows of the time, possibly including early Popworld (though I don’t remember them taking the piss out of her- maybe it was one of the softer Miquita-only interviews).

    The song was called something like “Shake it” (but google searching that title only leads to that Metro Station song) and the verse went something like “Friday night/school is out/forget about your homework/ time to scream and shout” and the chorus went something like “Shake your booty on the dance floor/on the dance floo-ooor”.

    The video was very Ark.
  14. Help:
    - rock band with female lead singer. Song in year 2000. She was 40 but looked 20 in video
    - band name some long word beginning with S
    - band were English
    - other members were men
    - she slithers around the ground in video

  15. Was it this? Maybe not - the lead singer wasn’t much of a writher.
  16. No, the lead female only sang I think. A lot of screaming but not emo screaming.
  17. Republica? Doesn’t begin with S and biggest hits were more like 1996-98 rather than 2000 but the rest kind of fits.
  18. Much darker than Republica.

    Like I would say industrial heavy rock but still melodic enough that a PJ user still loved the song.
  19. Are you absolutely sure the band name starts with an S?
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