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Where did it all go wrong for The X Factor?

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by MrJames, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. I've never been interested in Strictly - but I can see that it retains its audiences by not having a load of shit cliche lines said over and over - and they just get on with it. I think the show looks cheap despite its massive budget but it must be doing something right as it just doesn't seem to be dwindling like X Factor does.
  2. I've always thought Strictly looked cheap.
  3. It's the Tess Daly effect. Claudia looks far from cheap, however.
  4. Strictly bores me to tears. Don't get the appeal of it at all - and I'll watch any old reality shit!
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  5. It's definitely heading that way though, this last series was excruiating. The show I used to watch, back in the late 00s, has gone.
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  6. I think they need to move it to spring/summer. Stay away from Winter.
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  7. In Germany, our version of BGT is on just before Christmas, with the German Pop Idol on January - early May.
  8. It would make sense. BGT is far bigger than X Factor and the only thing that could compete with Strictly. X Factor in the summer has well, Love Island probably to compete with?
  9. Yeah, I'd say it would slot nicely into Sundays, in mid Feb after Dancing on Ice, especially now there is not chance of landing an Xmas no.1
  10. Moving BGT would be the worst thing ITV could do. It's the biggest show on TV when it's on. Putting it up against Strictly could cost it it's audience.