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Who had the biggest decline in a career? (Musically/Commercially)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tommy Johnson, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. I’m always intrigued by sudden drop-offs in album chart peak histories. In the UK for Norah, it went 1-1-1-24!

    What went wrong with Alesha Dixon’s The Entertainer? After the goodwill generated from The Alesha Show I’d have expected more than an #84 debut. Were “Drummer Boy” and “Radio” just bad single choices?
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  2. Ha, yes...three main factors contributed to The Fall's comparitive failure....a big change of direction/image, a mid-November release date, and the culmination of the previous two albums' dwindling sales.
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  3. What happened to Daniel Merriweather? He was set to become the Sam Smith of his day, both his collab and solo stuff had decent success and even got to duet with Adele, and then barely nothing from him has since seen the light of day.
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  4. Was he the guy who covered Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before? I remember he was also on a Mark Ronson album?
  5. Yes.
  6. I liked both of those tracks, but you're right he seemed to vanish after that.
  7. Did Daniel Merriweather end up in the same place as Daniel Bedingfield?!
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  8. And James Morrison?
  9. Taking the Amy McDonald route of selling the occasional record in Continental Europe, I think.
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  10. People just don't seem to care Alesha as a pop singer. They like her as a personality, dancer, TV judge...but as a popstar, they aren't interested. She has tried for years and it hasn't worked. But for some reason I think a Mis-Teeq reunion would work in her favour.
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  11. Since they are hot property again - Bananarama - from the WOW!/Greatest Hits era of consecutive top 10/20 hits, a world tour and a triple platinum Greatest Hits set to Pop Life and diminishing single returns and an album that registered one week in the charts in the mid 40s..... I for one think the music was fantastic but clearly their fan base and general public had moved on and didn’t go for the new direction.....
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  12. The likes of Preacher Man and Only Your Love are among the best things the Nanas ever did and certainly deserved to be Top 10 hits. Unfortunately they were just another casualty of the 90s dawning and many 80s acts going down the dumper. No matter what they released their time had sadly passed.
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  13. He seems to be quite a deep individual, I wouldn't be shocked if an album comes about soon as he has been working on one.
  14. His Stop Me cover produced by Mark Ronson is fire
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  15. In my humble opionion, to this day Red beats any Sam Smith ballad that you can care to name.
  16. Can Daniel Merriwether come back so Sam Smith can have his career die in a burst of flames?