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Who had the biggest decline in a career? (Musically/Commercially)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tommy Johnson, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. Has Natalie Imbruglia been mentioned? In terms of commercial impact the drop between Left of the Middle and White Lillies Island was huge! (Artistically of course she remained amazing)
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  2. At least Counting Down the Days was still a #1 album. Torn was massive, but she just didn't seem like the next big thing that could sustain a high profile career like some of the other big artists at the time.
  3. The long gaps between albums is what did it for Natalie, each one killing any more momentum she could have built up.
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  4. I love Down Boy!
  5. Yes I agree and I don’t think That Day was the right lead for album 2. Wrong Impression would’ve been a better intro to the era.
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  6. She did smoke like a chimney lol
  7. Also, Shiver did really well as a single, I remember it being tagged Torn 2.0. But that was pretty much it, one more single after that, a butchered single version of Counting Down the Days trimmed the song in half, it felt odd listening to those Christmas bells in the middle of summer 2005.
  8. Yeah the album version of Counting Down The Days is one of my favourite Natalie tracks. Why they “trimmed” the single version so much I’ve no idea.
  9. I still haven't forgiven the label for changing their minds and not releasing Sanctuary as the second single. It was perfect for summer!
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  10. That was my instant favourite on the album. They definitely should have released it!
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  11. Tinchy Stryder


    Taio Cruz

    Kelly Rowland



    Keri Hilson



    Mackelmore (not quite dead as an artist yet but The Heist saw US sales of 1.5 million and The Unruly Mess I Made sees US 250,000)
  12. Whitney Houston. Fame and success, drugs and then death.
  13. A great many Stock Aitken Waterman artists suffered rather quickly from a career burn out.