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Wonder Woman (2017)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MarlonBrando86, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Loved it. It was definitely better than Guardians Vol. 2. Let's see how Spider-Man and Thor 3 will do.

    The story wasn't the strongest and there were some obvious plotholes, but Gal and Chris were quite endearing and very likeable. Too bad they wasted Ares already. I liked David Thewlis in the role, especially how he represented war as a god by being a manipulative whisper or an idea. They should've kept it at that and saved the physical battle for another sequel. The finale also felt too easy. General Ludendorff was meh and Dr. Poison underused, but maybe we'll see more of her.

    I screamed at the Dutch lines and the faux-French Belgian people/village.
  2. Completely agree with this. They built up the character as this formidable warrior that Diana had to destroy, and I loved that they then pulled the rug from under us and revealed he was a man of words not action, but they undermined all of that by turning him into Battle Armour Ned Flanders.

    Everything else was great though, and easily one of the best superhero films I've seen in years.
  4. Watched it... It was bloody awesome, loved everything about it and can't wait to watch again and again and again.
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  5. Just saw this. It's quite good, but everything from the Ares "reveal" onwards lost me a little bit. I could probably also have done without the romance plot, but I didn't hate it as much as I thought it would. Overall, I'd probably score it a 7.5/10.
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  6. Can someone please tell me why she is called Wonder Woman? I honestly can't recall them addressing it in this or Batman Vs Superman.
  7. It has leaked in HD which maybe will hurt some last bits of box office money, but at least its made some big numbers.
    The end battle which gets some criticism, I didn't have any problem with at all. It is a movie based on a comic book after all...
  8. I saw this last week and liked most of it. I think the first half was better than the second.
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  9. "Hebt u da' gezien???"
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  10. She's not actually been christened Wonder Woman yet in either. I assumed it would appear at the end in some newspaper shot like "War-time Wonder Woman : Myth or Reality?". She is just Diana thus far.
    Unless you mean in general, which is cause it's her title in the comics, like Superman.
  11. But don't people call him Superman in films and stuff, as if it's his name? I thought someone would call her Wonder Woman in one of the films.
  12. Well it's just not happened yet - her solo is her debut and she's at the front the entire time she's in costume, and then she's in a final battle we don't see much of the aftermath of in BVS.
  13. Queen.

    'Wonder Woman' Sequel: Patty Jenkins Officially Set to Return as Director

  14. Ok but give us Cheetah or Circe. Cheetah is so underrated. One of the few 'cat-based' supervillains to be a genuine, terrifying threat to more than just human-strength-level characters. Superspeed, rooted in bloody, animalistic ritual and mythology completely different to Diana's own. Where Ares is root pessimism to Diana's root optimism, Barbara Ann Minerva is greed and willingness to submit to base savagery in opposition to Wonder Woman's own ideals.
  15. I finally got round to watching this on DVD over the weekend and I'm so happy that we got a recent decent superhero movie outside of the Marvel ones & it was a female led one at that. Is it perfect? Hell no. However it's an improvement over the other DC attempts.
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  16. I didn't even know he was involved, but good on her.
  17. It will be interesting to see when those who are accusing start being accused. I can predict Hollywood imploding.
  18. I don't quite get where you're coming from.

    Do you think we're about to see similar accusations against Ellen Paige, Olivia Munn and the six other women who have accused him of harassment and/or sexual assault?
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  19. I feel like @UnionJackMix has become this weird bait account.
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