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Wonderful Electric: the Goldfrapp Discography Rate #44-43

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by One Stop Candy Shop, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Ulla is lovely, and one of my favourite songs on Tales Of Us. I gave it an 8 but now I wish I'd been slightly more generous.
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  2. It better not, that's my favorite Silver Eye track.
  3. "Alvar" and "Ulla" left? I hope that everyone who gave these wonderful trucks a low score will be banned.
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  4. Ray


    Are you alluding to how graceful they are?
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  5. Oh no, this is not going very well at all! So many brilliant songs leaving: Lee, Gone To Earth, All Night Operator. I guess almost everything stings a little when a discography is that strong, but still. Lee is not only my favourite song from the Tales Of Us, but also one of the unsung heroes of their discography.
  6. The sad thing about Tales of Us is that everything associated with it - the videos, the artwork - makes the songs less distinctive. Usually Goldfrapp's visuals enhance the music; here they do the exact opposite, on the album that aims to do it the most.
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  7. .

    Shoot your thousand stars over me.

    67. Deer Stop


    Average score: 7.01
    Highest score: 10x7 (@blissteria, @Sprockrooster, @4Roses, @Remyky22, @marie_05, @Aester, @Drop)
    Lowest score: 2x1 (@Ray)
    My score: 6

    Felt Mountain suffers yet another early loss as Deer Stop exits. It’s a sombre yet beautiful song filled with distorted vocals and sexual metaphors.

    The band performed Deer Stop regularly during their tours for Felt Moutain, Black Cherry and Supernature.

    Will and Alison talked about this song for their iTunes Original ‘compilation’:

    Will Gregory: “It was recorded outdoors, which we’ve only done once. Alison was standing outside in a summer evening, when there was no wind and no real sort of background noise, apart from birds and things… it was one take and that was it.”

    Alison Goldfrapp: “Some of it was recorded on a cassette as well, there’s this one section of it where it kind of explodes, later on the song. We tried sort of redoing and it just never had the same quality again. Sometimes you just can’t ever repeat things, they just have a certain vibe, quality about them which you can never recreate. I feel very fond of that song, it definitely evokes a certain kind of time and a mood, I think."

    I want to hear that cassette.

    It’s not in the top tier of Felt Mountain for me, though I feel I definitely underscored this. Especially since the album already had such a heavy beating. Deer Stop is more like a 7.5 or 8 than a 6.

    It hits @Sprockrooster (10) in the feels: “The sections from 1:30 goes straight through my skin, flesh and bone. My heart cannot cope with this level of painful delivery.”

    @Michael17 (9.5): “Haunting and so off-the-wall. An experiment in nonsense done perfectly.”

    @Ray (2) doesn’t like a Felt Mountain song, what else is new?: “I have a lot to say about this szzzzzzzzzz.”

    Fun seeking @sfmartin (3) is also not impressed: “I don’t enjoy this in the slightest.”

    @AllGagaLike (4.5) says: “The instrumental's gorgeous but the vocal effects mostly grate on me.” Well not every vocal can be as accessible as Medulla.

    @Filler (7) is not here for Babyson: “Sounding a bit spittly, Alison. Dab your mouth with a napkin or something.”

    And @mrdonut (8) just calls this rightfully: “Brilliantly bizarre.”

    An album that was unharmed until now is seeing its first elimination.

    66. Beast That Never Was

    Average score: 7.12
    Highest score: 10x3 (@Ray, @wodny, @marie_05)
    Lowest score: 3x1 (@Metal Heart)
    My score: 7

    Silver Eye suffers its first loss. Beast That Never Was is one of the quieter songs on the album. It hasn't been performed on the Silver Eye tour.

    While I don't dislike it, Beast just doesn't grab me like other songs on the album do.

    Most of the commentators agree that it’s not the most essential Silver Eye track:

    @AllGagaLike (8): “I couldn't sleep, I was thinking of you” is one of my favourite lines from Silver Eye. Despite that, this is definitely my least favourite from the new album; it's really nice but doesn't really go anywhere.”

    @Michael17 (7.5): “A bit of a melody there, but not quite memorable enough.”

    @sfmartin (7): “Pleasant and mystical. A bit fillery though.”

    And @Filler (7) brings an Alisoneque metaphore: “I hope this is supposed to sound as delicate as it does; it's an oddly fragile production, like it's quivering, let's say at the feet of a beast or something.”

    That's all for now.

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  9. Even though I gave "Deer Stop" a 10 and "Beast That Never Was" an 8, I'm more upset about the latter leaving because I wasn't expecting it to go so soon! I don't know what to think about these results anymore...
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  10. Imagining thinking a Silver Eye album track is 8 points better than "Deer Stop".
  11. Ouch, Deer Stop stings. Still, I can fully understand why people wouldn't care for this one. It's very atmospheric, but verges on formless.
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  12. Ray


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  13. An album loses its first song tonight...

    ...right after this one:

    65. UK Girls (Physical)


    Average score: 7.28
    Highest score: 10x2 (@soratami, @chris4862)
    Lowest score: 3x2 (@blissteria, @Metal Heart)
    My score: 9

    UK Girls (Physical) was originally a song the band played on their Felt Mountain tour to pad out the setlist. A studio version appears on the Utopia single. UK Girls was written by Alison and Will, but it obviously interpolates the chorus of Olivia Newton-John’s hit song Physical. It’s a bit more electronic and dancy than most of Felt Mountain, so it sort of foreshadows what they would do on Black Cherry.

    Will Gregory explained to Choler Magazine why they decided to cover Physical:

    Will: “Well, I think we both feel about covers that, if you’re going to do one, you shouldn’t do your favorite tune, because it’s been done so well originally. There’re a lot of great covers, but there are also…. If I were to say, “Let’s do “The Look of Love” by Burt Bacharach” – I would never do that because as far as I’m concerned, Dusty Springfield did the seminal performance of that piece, and you’d never want to mess with it. I would say that “Physical”, on the other hand…”

    Choler: “…could do with a little sprucing up?”

    Will: “Well, it leaves a little bit of room for development, shall we say?”

    This is such a great song, one of my favourites of the early days. Everything about this cover just feels 100% right.

    So yeah, for me this elimination is premature.

    @Sprockrooster (9) is Shookrooster: “This works so well I am shook.”

    A 10-worthy discovery for @soratami: “I didn't know this one, I love it though!”

    And @Ray (9) is one of the high scorers for once and admits he buy albums he doesn't like: “I happen to despise "Physical" as a song. This is the one and only version I actually like listening to. I'm glad I didn't buy the single with this as b-side because it would create very wrong expectations about the parent album's quality in me. (I still bought that album, because I'm a sucker.)”

    @Michael17 (6) doesn't want to get physical: “Very odd, and not always in a great way. Just doesn’t work.”

    @sfmartin (6) is a doubtful UK Girl: “I love the sample so I would have thought I would enjoy this. Not sure if the two parts go together though.”

    And @mrdonut (9.5) knows the Truth: “Those opening synths and strings are EVERYTHING and this is the perfect bridge between Felt Mountain and Black Cherry. What a triumph.”


    64. Slippage


    Average score: 7.29
    Highest score: 10x4 (@blissteria, @Metal Heart, @tylerc904, @Remyky22)
    Lowest score: 3x2 (@Ray, @Aester)
    My score: 8.5

    After seeing most of its b-sides go, Black Cherry now loses its first proper album track.

    Slippage is the album’s closing track. It’s a gritty electronic song with non-lyrical vocals by Alison. It sounds sexual.

    Let's start with @Filler (9), who gave a high score and knows the lyrics: “wwwwwwaaaghghghAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

    My name is @Michael17 (8), I’ll be your mistress tonight: “Basically an outro, but a great one. Filthy, industrial erotica.”

    Dumpster diving @sfmartin (9) likes it too: “Like plunging through the instrumental and vocal waste bin of the album and just getting lost of having a good old time. The perfect closer to the album!”

    Strange goodness for @KingBruno (8,5): “This is kind of weird in a good way.”

    And then there's @Ray (3) who still hates everything the reminds him of Felt Mountain: “3 Oh I see. They HAD to remind people they were the band capable of inflicting Felt Mountain on unsuspecting public (well, the 85 people who bought it). At least this has a rubber duck solo. *adds a point*”

    I think that 'rubber duck' is actually a theremin, but we'll have to e-mail Will Gregory to make sure.

  14. Poor Slippage. I once did a strip routine in leather to this song. Not a dry seat in the house.
  15. Ray


    Oh dear.

    My imagination came up with five explanations for this aquatic phenomenon. None of those are suitable for sharing on a public forum that can be accessed by minors.

    @send photo
  16. Slippage and Deer Stop are both so sexy, each in its own twisted and sick way. Of course it's no big deal to lose two of probably 150 tens I gave over the rate, but Felt Mountain and Tales of Us have suffered a great injustice. It's a shame to see the lack of interest and patience when it comes to Slowfrapp. Yes, the bops are amazing, but some of the songs that have already left are so incredible I feel sorry that some of you couldn't get into them (looking at you, @Ray - haven't you shown some indications of having taste in the Madonna discography rate or did I make that up?).
  17. So Supernature and Seventh Tree are the only albums that remain intact. Wonder which will take a hit first.
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  18. NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Slippage is the first loss to hurt. What a sexy, hypnotic track.
  19. It hurts me so much that "Beast That Never Was" is gone. Those galloping beats and atmospheric synths along with delicate vocals create a beautiful piece of music.
  20. Ray


    In general my taste is superior and even counting other people's points in ANY rate is a waste of time – just ask me.

    (To me Felt Mountain is 2-3 songs and a lot of artsy-fartsy noises.)