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Wonderful Electric: the Goldfrapp Discography Rate #46-45

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by One Stop Candy Shop, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Aw, Lee is actually one of the standout songs from the Tales Of Us sessions for me. It's certainly heaps and bounds better than Ulla (which, try as I might, I always have trouble remembering), or even Annabel. And better than Beast That Never Was, too, which to me has always sounded like a Tales of Us leftover that's gotten the electronic treatment anyways.

    I also didn't expect Deer Stop to leave so soon, or why people would consider it as a sexy song, when to me it sounds only slightly less - by a very narrow margin - depressing and broken than Eat Yourself. In a very good way, though. But that's what you get when a band have dabbled in such diverse sounds.

    Also, hooray at the fact that Seventh Tree remains unscathed!
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  2. How is Cologne Cerrone Houdini still in?
  3. I am sorry but CSI taught me that slippage was what happens when a body has been in water for for too long.

    Good song though.
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  4. Cuz it's beautiful.
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  5. 63. Yes Sir


    Average score: 7.30
    Highest score: 10x6 (@Nunya B, @AllGagaLike, @4Roses, @ManilaChinchilla, @chris4862, @Drop)
    Lowest score: 3x1 (@Ray)
    My score: 8

    Yes Sir is cover of Baccara’s 1977 disco hit Yes Sir, I Can Boogie. Goldfrapp turned it into a dirtier electroclash bop and released it as a b-side of Twist, and. The song was often performed during the Black Cherry and Supernature tours.

    Everything about Yes Sir just screams Black Cherry. This is a high quality b-side if ever there was one.

    Let’s get resident hater @Ray (1)’s comment out of the way first: “Madonna's "Music" meets "Yes Sir I Can Boogie" and somehow in process both get utterly ruined. Maybe it was more of a car crash than "meeting" each other.” I kind of love the Music comparison. It’s a compliment to both songs.

    @soratami (4) says: “This is… hmm… interesting? I don't really get the point of it.” I guess the point is that they performed this live and people loved it and Twist needed a b-side.

    @mrdonut (7.5) is not 100% sold on this ‘unsophisticated’ song: “A logical choice of cover for Alison and Will in the Black Cherry era. The production isn’t particularly sophisticated (I kinda expected a bit more when it was announced they were covering this) but it’s an undeniable bop.”

    @Michael17 (9) can dig an imaginative cover: “Live version is 11-worthy. One of the best reimaginings of a song ever.”

    @sfmartin (9) is glad that it doesn’t sound like Baccara: “Another discovery. The original is barely recognisable and it’s all the more awesome because of it. The chorus is electrifying. The middle 8 into the final chorus is particularly tremendous.”

    We’ll end this write-up with some 10-givers:

    @Nunya B (10) is getting their groovejet on: “So menacing, so sexy, such a great update of a throwaway kitsch track. Sophie Ellis-Bextor covered it straight around the same time (perhaps a year or so after), and that approach has its charms, but this reconfigures the original into something much more than it was.” Sophie’s version was a b-side of I Won’t Change You. Both versions are excellent, actually.

    And @Drop (10) reminisces the pain he felt in 2003: “The wait from hearing this on that live version mp3 to getting the studio mix on the Strict Machine single was PAINFUL, I tell you. Rating the studio version here.”

    No time to fuck.

    62. Paper Bag


    Average score: 7.31
    Highest score: 10x3 (@Remyky22, @NightmareBoy, @marie_05)
    Lowest score: 3x1 (@Ray)
    My score: 8

    Next song to leave is Paper Bag, a ballad from Felt Mountain, which means that now only the singles off that album are left in rate.

    In a 2000 interview with Yahoo music, Alison commented on Paper Bag:

    “Oh my God. [The song is about] quite a lot of things. Business, the sad existence which that can bring about, people who are obsessed with making money. It’s also about being obsessed with someone and not being able to have them, just watching them. And about what a farcical and utterly useless thing it would be to make a hat out of a paper bag when it’s raining. Does that satisfy you? I suppose it is a metaphor.”

    And on the 2008 compilation iTunes Originals, she said:

    “It’s quite an unnusual song, the lyrics are quite unnusual. It’s got a very definite character, I think. […] It’s something that we still feel is representative of the sounds we like playing with”

    Does that satisfy you?

    Paper Bag is such a gorgeous song. It’s warm, wintery, loungy and it would’ve been a bad choice if they had released a 5th single off Felt Mountain. (4 singles was enough though.)

    @Sprockrooster (9) is in a generous mood: “Let me give this one the benefit of the doubt. This is pending between an 8 to a 9, but those violins are somehow very captivating. Fantastic overall production that just is not rewarded enough with just an 8.”

    @mrdonut (8.5) knows what it’s about: “A gorgeous hymn to obsession.”

    @Michael17 (8.5) gives a good score but seems only mildly impressed: “Verses sound a bit too austere and dreary. The warm, lush, woozy chorus is heavenly, though.”

    @Ray (3) wants to throw up so pass him a paper bag please: “Well here is a song just as good as its title. It sounds like they had five ideas, none of them very good, threw them in the blender and poured them into a paper bag. Hohoho. I'll see myself out.”

    @sfmartin (5) dislikes it and decides to diss the entire album, because why not?: “I can't get into this. Much like a lot of the album unfortunately.”

  6. I think all the songs I gave a low rating are out now, Yes Sir was the last.
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  7. Actually shocked at the last two eliminations! Both should have gone a little further.

    Surely we're due for a Head First cull soon?
  8. Me Alison looking at the upcoming eliminations:

  9. Paper Bag before Shiny and Warm is a mess.
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  10. [​IMG]
  11. Gutted at Paper Bag's exit. Love the instrumentation on this, like chamber music floating on the winter night air. One of my favorites from Felt Mountain.

    @mrdonut (8.5) knows what it’s about: “A gorgeous hymn to obsession.”
    Love this, nailed it totally.
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  12. Yes Sir! Gone too soon. I remember the first time I heard the song was the Sophie Ellis Bextor cover, which I enjoyed but that was a little bit cheesy. But then hearing the Goldfrapp version not long after, it was mind blowing. Hard to believe its the same song. A total reimagining. It's always been a highlight for me, and hands down my favourite of all their b-sides.
  13. One album that was unscathed until now suffers a loss.

    61. Let It Take You


    Average score: 7.35
    Highest score: 10x3 (@Remyky22, @NightmareBoy, @A&E)
    Lowest score: 4x4 (@Metal Heart, @Nunya B, @tylerc904, @One Stop Candy Shop)

    Supernature loses its first album track, as Let It Take You exits at 61. It’s a sparse, downtempo ballad. Besides Time Out From The World, it’s the only song off Supernature that hasn’t been performed live (yet).

    It’s my least favourite Supernature song, mostly because of how out of place it feels. My main gripe with it is that it comes too soon on the album. It kind of ruins the momentum.

    @Michael17 (7.5) applauds certain aspects of it, but isn’t entirely impressed: “Beautiful vocals and nice production. There are a lot more memorable songs than this, though.”

    Wet feet lover @sfmartin (8) says: “Just delightful. So gentle and relaxing. You can literally feel the waves lap at your feet.”

    @Nunya B (4) is not exactly willing to give it another chance: “This is one of their most generic songs and it is very nearly actively bad. I would listen to it again but I doubt it rewards further listening.”

    @Filler (8) says something about a video game: “Sounds like it should be playing over an expository cutscene in a Silent Hill game.”

    @mrdonut (9) appreciates a Supernature-chill: “Wow. Just Alison and a piano (alright, with some synth beeps in the background) can deliver so much. Supernature’s superior ‘chillout moment’.”

    What @KingBruno (6.5) has to say is true: “I’ve heard better Goldfrapp ballads.”

    TIE 58. Zodiac Black


    Average score: 7.38
    Highest score: 10x5 (@sfmartin, @AllGagaLike, @ManilaChinchilla, @Remyky22, @marie_05)
    Lowest score: 3.5x1 (@Untouchable Ace)
    My score: 6

    Zodiac Black is one of the least poppy songs on Silver Eye. It has a dark, ambient feel to it and deals about hydromancy. The song was co-produced by The Haxan Cloak.

    Just a few weeks ago, Zodiac Black was added their Silver Eye tour setlist as the opening song.

    This is one of the songs I underscored. It’s definitely worth more than the 6 I gave it. The thing is: when I’m working on my write-ups and revisit every song again, I often find a new appreciation. So, sorry Zodiac Black!

    @sfmartin (10) is in a mystic mood: “Magical and mystical, an exciting new direction sonically for the band, they’ve always been sexy but this takes them into a whole new territory, with that hypnotic drum beat and bassline. The use of bass in general for this whole album is exquisite. Feels a bit like Thea’s darker sister.”

    Halloween season isn’t over yet for @AllGagaLike (10) either: “This is eerie, almost scary at times; still it's among my favourites on the new album, mostly due to the 3:22 mark (I also love the chorus's ping-pong echoes).”

    According to @Filler (9), Zodiac can be the soundtrack to a very specific scene: “The opening seconds of this song remind me of the film 'Begotten'. That quavering synth/muffled keyboard/whatever it is riff, against that sort of heartbeat sound. Truly a song fit for God to disembowel himself to.”

    The least captivated commentator is @Michael17 (7): “The weakest on Silver Eye. It’s still good, but it’s just background music to me.”


    Two songs are tied with Zodiac Black at #58. Find out which ones tomorrow!
  14. These eliminations are getting a bit problematic. Where's Shiny & Warm? The GH tracks? And Koko and Slide In deserved to go before Let It Take You.
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  15. What??? Zodia Black is amazing, I should have given it a 10
  16. These are really starting to sting! Annabel and Some People out next please.
  17. Ray


    @trollison gave it 11, no?
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  18. Actually imagine the scores if Allison voted on this rate. A rate villain if there ever was one.
  19. Placing Zodiac Black in my memorial shrine to Voicething and Big Black Cloud, Little White Lie. Losing 3 of my top 10 before the top 60 (including my #1) is pretty poor form even for me.

    To add insult to injury, there are only four non-live songs in the whole rate that I scored lower than a 6, and not one of them has gone yet.

    I'm so disappointed in myself that Shiny and Warm is only my third favourite song from Head First.
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  20. RUDE. Zodiac Black is stunning. One of the best on the new album. I probably should have given it a 10 though instead of 9.5.
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