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Wonderful Electric: the Goldfrapp Discography Rate #46-45

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by One Stop Candy Shop, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Shiny and Warm is shit. Like a warm shit but not a shiny one
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  2. I've got to express specific outrage with the comment referring to Zodiac Black as "background music"! It's hardly polite ambience, is it? It's pretty much the sonic equivalent of being crept up on and beaten up in an alleyway.
  3. I should've gave Let It Take You a 10. It's dark and sexy...but subtle.

    Hearing Zodiac Black live last month was an experience... I don't think the crowd thought much of it, but I got a good picture of it being performed.

    A runny shit. Like, after you've ate a vindaloo and the chicken is slightly undercooked.
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  5. If there's magic in the water...then y'all sure need to take a big sip! Zodiac Black is incredible.
  6. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    This rate......how is Felt Mountain doing so badly? Deer Stop is incredible!
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  7. Ray



    And you thought I was bad, @One Stop Candy Shop!
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  8. Oh.

    "Let It Take You" is one of my favourites. I'm surprised it's gone already.
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  9. No one is here for Polanskifrapp
  10. I hope Hunt is next to go, it's so dull.
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  11. Fine, but what's the excuse for getting rid of Silver Eye's majestic centerpiece before top 30 at least?

    I fear for Faux Suede Drifter, it deserves to be in the top 5, but it will probably go out in the next five lololololol.
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  12. It works much better if you imagine it from the perspective of one of the characters from The Wicker Man.
  13. Genuinely shocked at the Felt Mountain massacre. I know people are generally all about "bops" and "bangers", but I thought this was one of their most acclaimed albums? How many times did @Ray vote?

    It looks like Silver Eye (my second favourite album) isn't going to fare much better either, my 10s are already dropping like flies!
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  14. I was just thinking that I hadn't been tagged in a while.
    Well I obviously underscored, I still haven't emersed myself fully into their latest album not even the songs I love.
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  15. So we have a three-way tie at 58 that started with Zodiac Black.

    TIE 58. Lovely 2 C U


    Average score: 7.38
    Highest score: 10x3 (@sfmartin, @tylerc904, @4Roses)
    Lowest score: 3.5x1 (@Aester)
    My score: 6

    Tied at 58 with Zodiac Black, we have Supernature’s 2nd track.

    Lovely 2 C U is a glam-inspired stomper with in-your-face vocals and a repetitive chorus. The song was performed at some but not all shows from the Supernature tour. A remix by T. Raumschmiere appears on We Are Glitter.

    It’s one of my least favourite songs off Supernature, mostly because of how annoying that “lo-lovely 2 c u” tends to get. And I’m also not a fan of the adlibs near the end.

    @sfmartin (10) gave it a lot of points: “More of the same ballsy electronica I love this band for. It does it for me every time. Keeping that energy at a ten. The "Na na na na" middle 8 is inspired. And I live for the portions of the deep fuzzy bass.” That middle 8 is nice indeed, possibly the best part of the song.

    It’s not very Lovely 2 hear 4 @Nunya B (5): “We get it, glam. GLAM! It's fine.”

    @Michael17 (7) has his finger hovering over the skip button: “I always remember having to pay attention when “Ooh La La” was about to be over so that I could hit the skip button before having to hear the beginning to this song. One of very few times I found Alison’s voice irritating. Good production, though.”

    @Filler (8): “This is the worst song on Supernature and it is, to quote 2007 Popjustice, a fucking STOMPER. Oh my god what an album.”

    @mrdonut (7): “My goodness this needs a second chorus. The one it has is really quite lifeless, which is a shame since the rest of the track is the opposite of inert.”

    @KingBruno (6): “This becomes a bit too repetitive.”

    @Untouchable Ace (9) sent in some comments today and this is the first one: “Sometimes annoying but usually good.” It's the other way around for me.

    TIE 58. Forever


    Average score: 7.38
    Highest score: 10x2 (@Remyky22, @marie_05)
    Lowest score: 3x1 (@NightmareBoy)
    My score: 7

    Also tied at 58, we have an electronic ballad off Black Cherry. Forever seems to be about love and outer space. It hasn’t been performed live (yet), but a Mountaineers remix appears on the Twist CD2 single.

    I gave this an okay score. It’s works quite well as a final ‘resting point’ in the finale of Twist, Strict Machine and Slippage.

    Alison talked about the song on the iTunes Originals compilation:

    “I really like it. Again, I think it’s one of the songs that maybe doesn’t get really talked about very much. It’s quite downbeat, slow, people don’t necessarily take much notice of those kind of tracks on albums.

    It’s got a certain quality to it that I really like… Broken love, all that stuff, mixed with a bit of sci-fi, ‘take me off to another planet for a bit’. Seems to a running theme in quite a lot of our songs. [laughs]”

    She’s actually 100% right about this one, because very little comments were sent in about this song.

    @Michael17 (9) likes it but wanted a climax: “Gorgeous. A perfect mix of Black Cherry and Felt Mountain. Could use a really epic finale or something though.”

    @sfmartin (8) tries to put Forever in perspective with the rest of their discography: “This type of song has definitely been bettered on subsequent albums. Feels a bit like a precursor to Time Out From The World. But a lovely comedown from a tremendous album.”

    @KingBruno (7) didn’t need this comedown after a massive bop: “Don’t put this after “Strict Machine”, please.”


    Later today we have another tie at #56.
  16. You guys did Horse Tears so wrong i can not even begin. It was too pure and perfect for this world.
  17. Pretty fair eliminations. I'm loving that Seventh Tree remains undefeated.
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  18. Damn, did not expect Lovely 2 C U to be so hated!
  19. Same here. The rest of the song is fine, but I have to brace myself when that part comes in.

    "Forever," though, is lovely. Another ballad bites the dust.
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  20. Yeah, what the hell happened here? It’s a single worthy bop and a 9.