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Wonderful Electric: the Goldfrapp Discography Rate: WINNER

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by One Stop Candy Shop, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. If Dreaming won I'd be pretty happy.
    The fact Thea is still in makes me want to put a Paper Bag over my Lovely Head. I guess it's kind of nice each album is represented though.
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  2. There is my second choice for an 11, and there are some good ones, but there are some songs I wouldn't even put in their top fifty. My god.
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  3. Thanks for joining us today, Alison.
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  4. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    1 A&E
    2 Number 1
    3 Strict Machine
    4 Black Cherry
    5 Ride A White Horse
    6 Train
    7 Utopia
    8 Dreaming
    9 Ocean
    10 Thea

    please and thank you x
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  5. Lovely Head being used in the opening scene of Swept Away:


    Lovely Head being used in the opening scene of My Summer Of Love:


    (It's quite hard to find pictures of Alison smiling, actually. Victoria Beckham who? Queen.)

    (What an odd top 10, though. Dreaming? The fact that anything off Head First managed to sneak into the top 10 feels more like a nightmare, honestly.)
  6. A&E is good, but hardly top-tier Goldfrapp. It is so MOR musically, like something Sarah MacLachlan would put out if she still wrote music. Ride A White Horse is the best song in that list by a wide margin.
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  7. Some cuts hurt, but I'm so proud of Thea, Ocean and Dreaming for making it this far.
  8. Ooh La La may very well be my least favourite Goldfrapp song, it's so damn overrated and I even managed to avoid Goldfrapp's entire discography for way too long for that very reason. I'm delighted that it failed to go as far as I feared. I just don't get it.

    Still, not even that could make up for the loss of my incredible 11 and the disappointing performance of pretty much the entire Felt Mountain album in this rate. Lovely Head even made my top 20 in the Ultimate Popjustice and I still stand by that choice. It's truly in a league of its own, even almost 20 years later I still haven't heard anything quite like it. No other song captures that particular vibe the way Lovely Head does; it's eerie and beautiful and cinematic and of course completely unique. It's like a creepy, unsettling take on Shirley Bassey and Ennio Morricone only Goldfrapp could have come up with. A true classic. The fact that not even @Ray could hate it really says it all.
  9. Well, with only 2 10's left this is far from my personal top 10, but from what is left, this is how I rank them:

    10: Black Cherry
    09: Ride A White Horse
    08: Strict Machine
    07: Utopia
    06: Train
    05: Thea
    04: Dreaming
    03: Number 1
    02: Ocean
    01: A&E
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  10. 1). A&E
    2). Ocean
    3). Train
    4). Utopia
    5). Strict Machine
    6). Ride a White Horse
    7). Dreaming
    8). Number 1
    9). Black Cherry
    10). Thea
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  11. Honestly, my favourite part of receiving the votes was seeing Ocean do so well. I was sooo happy whenever it got another 10. Yasss dark industrial anthem of 2017!!
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  12. Never thought Dreaming would make the top ten! Hmm something like this please:

    1) Strict Machine
    2) Utopia
    3) Ride a White Horse
    4) A&E
    5) Ocean
    6) Train
    7) Number 1
    8) Thea
    9) Black Cherry
    10) Dreaming
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  13. Happy to be part of that moment for ya. Definitely the strongest from the album.
  14. Ray


    Hahahaha! This is one of the two songs on Felt Mountain and I like it very much! I was actually thinking I underscored it. 8.5 would be more like it.

    I can't get over "Jo" not being in top 10. Either all your copies or just mine are mispressed (er...misstreamed, as I am listening on Spotify). What a damn masterpiece. Actually it has similar atmosphere to "Lovely Head", that French soundtrack thing. I think that upsets me more than "Rocket" failing to rocket into top 10.
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  15. A&E should win this by a landslide. What a song
  16. My personal Top 10 -

    1 - Head First
    2 - Believer
    3 - Moon In Your Mouth
    4 - Utopia
    5 - Number 1
    6 - Ocean
    7 - Dreaming
    8 - Koko
    9 - Faux Suede Drifter
    10 - Pilots
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  17. 10. Ocean
    9. Dreaming
    8. Thea
    7. Number 1
    6. Train
    5. Ride a White Horse
    4. Black Cherry
    3. Utopia
    2. A&E
    1. Strict Machine

    How two non-essential tracks like Ocean and Dreaming are in the Top 10 instead of Lovely Head baffles me a tad. Should have been Top 3!
  18. Well I guess my 11 for Dreaming helped to push it into the top ten. STAY MAD, y‘all!
  19. 'Ocean' making the top 10 is a pleasant surprise!

    'Dreaming' making the top 10 is a... surprise.
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  20. The remaining songs were #4, #11, #12, #15, #19, #26, #32, #34, #41, and #51 in my personal ranking. Bad news for my top 10, okay news for my top 20, great news for my top 51.

    ('Rocket' was my #80, so thanks for dodging that particular bullet)