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Wonderful Electric: the Goldfrapp Discography Rate: WINNER

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by One Stop Candy Shop, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. 10. Dreaming


    Average score: 8.79
    Highest score: 11x1 (@Zdarlight), 10x14 (@AGiantSheep, @VeryPSB, @Metal Heart, @Nunya B, @4Roses, @ManilaChinchilla, @Remyky22, @Bleu Noir, @chris4862, @marie_05, @NightmareBoy, @KingBruno, @A&E, @Untouchable Ace)
    Lowest score: 6.5x1 (@2014)
    My score: 8

    Head First’s last survivor bites the dust at #10. Dreaming is an album track, and falls into the less happy-peppy half of the album. The band performed this song regularly on their Head First tour.

    This is just high quality pop music. Not a top favourite of mine, but still A TUNE! And it’s quite a feat how this Head First album track shoehorned its way into the top 10.

    @Zdarlight awarded Dreaming with its sole 11, and this is what the rest of you said about it:

    @KingBruno (10) loves a good breakdown: “That breakdown at the end of the chorus is magnificent.”

    Timelord @Sprockrooster (9) says: “Stellar production and though it is very of its time it aged quite well.”

    Trollison spokesman @Ray (8.5) says: “So far it's hard to see what Alison could possibly dislike about this album. It's too good? Too many melodies? Too memorable? Oh wait, that's TOTALLY Alison. I'm sorry you recorded a good album, dear. What a horrid thing to happen. Go record something super boring next. (And they did!)”

    It’s an unneeded blast from the past for @Michael17 (7.5): “Sounds very 2010 to me with the dark 80s synths which were so “in” then. Nice but a clear filler.”

    @sfmartin (8.5) on the other hand, loves a trip down synth-memory lane: “A lovely throw back to classic 80s pop, clearly inspired by Eurythmics.”

    Some 80s nostalgia is not wasted on @Nunya B (10): “This has a really propulsive quality that goes well with its silly 80s sci-fi lyricism.”

    @AllGagaLike (8) asks: “The bells really make this, don't they?” Uhm. Sort of. They’re a nice extra touch.

    Some wordplay by @Bleu Noir (10): “Perfect MoodyFrapp.”

    And @Untouchable Ace (10) came up with a Silver Eye song title: “Laid-back liquid suave.”

  2. Ray



    They should have called it Head Last. *sees self out*
  3. I'm happy it's gone first, but it's not like it'll get the lowest album average like it deserves.
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  4. “In a move that surprised, well, nobody, Mister G then went on to reveal that the “G” in the aforementioned username stands for ... Goldfrapp.”

    No but, really, I do have fond memories of Head First. It’s when I first saw them live, for example - twice in the same year! The live version of Dreaming is pure bliss (unlike the album version which sounds like it should be on life support stat). Those added strings and hysteric vocal acrobatics that were added at the end, plus overall heavier beats, really elevated the song.

    Besides, I will never stand for criticism of the Alive video, and I guess the nerdy Tardis reference in I Wanna Life is endearing too. (Ditto for Alison singing about skinny jeans) I also have fond memories of an interview from around 2010 in Belgian magazine HUMO, where the interviewer asked Alison if she didn’t feel silly singing lyrics like “Ooh ooh ooh hello hello”, and she only replied with what was described as an evil death stare (eventually Will had to step in to prevent a bloody murder).

    Don’t hold my overall aversion against me when this album becomes the soundtrack of my life in the admittedly improbable event of my potential falling head over heels in love with someone worthwhile, though.
  5. Beats? On my Tales Of Us album? It’s more likely than you think.

    9. Thea


    Average score: 8.84
    Highest score: 11x1 (@Metal Heart), 10x8 (@soratami, @sfmartin, @4Roses, @ManilaChinchilla, @marie_05, @Zdarlight, @Drop, @Lila)
    Lowest score: 3x1 (@VeryPSB)
    My score: 9

    The last remaining Tales Of Us track is out. Thea was the album’s only official (digital) single, backed with remixes by Twin Shadow, Blood Diamonds, WAWA and Red Top. On the bonus CD of the album’s deluxe edition, there’s an alternative version featuring Chinese artist Sa Dingding.

    Alison said this about Thea:

    “I woke up in the middle of the night with that tune in my head. I was under the duvet, recording it into my device, and I was” – she taps her chest – “doing this to keep time, and the the duvet was going” – (crunch, crunch) – “so we kept that. It’s actually the duvet, and my hand. So that’s what started the whole thing, and it just grew out of that. It’s about the only one that has a defined, constant rhythm section.”

    She also said:

    “It was inspired by The Postman Always Rings Twice. These two lovers who plot to kill the husband so they can be together.”

    This really is a great song, though I feel a lot its effectiveness is due it being the only ‘beats’ song on the album. Had it been on Silver Eye, I don't think it would've ended up so high. But who knows. It's a good song.

    Almost every comment is about the beat:

    @Ray (7): “Practically "Strict Machine" of this album.”

    @Michael17 (8.5): “Has a strong backing beat that propels the music forward, and (unfortunately) the only song on the record with a constant rhythm section. Feels like a modern noir film soundtrack. Quite impressive.”

    @sfmartin (10): “It’s a toss up between this and Alvar as my favourite song on the album. I love this one particularly because it adds some sorely missed umph to the proceedings. I love the swirly fragmented instrumental playing in the verses combined with the drums that just builds and builds gathering real momentum and the chorus explodes and doesn't disappoint. Really takes you on a journey.”

    @Nunya B (9): “The sheer relief of a song with a BPM over 1 leads me to score this higher than I probably should.”

    @Filler (9): “Is she really not singing "TIIIIIMBUUUUUKTUUUUUUU"? I'm so confused. I mean I got "isthmus" just fine.”

    It’s actually “tender torn” but Timbuktu is also a very Goldfrappy word.

    @Drop (10): “Scoring the radio mix a 10 here – it gets where it needs to go much much faster, i.e bopville.”

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  6. Ray


    Yeah bye.
  7. Disaster.
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  8. Wait, she's not singing Timbuktu? First Clowns being about silicone and now this. This rate has been a real eye opener.
  9. Thea placing higher than Ooh La La and Anymore is a fucking travesty. It's the best thing on that album by far and still didn't belong anywhere near the Top 20. Never been the lowest scorer of an album before, but this one deserves it!
  10. You should listen to it tho.
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  11. Well, I've always liked Head First and I gave it decent scores, but a lot of the tracks did outstay their welcome. Great as they are, I wouldn't call the majority of them top tier Goldfrapp as most of their other stuff is on a different level entirely (and less "throwaway", for the lack of a better word).

    I can't believe how much Tales of Us has grown on me. I remember the crushing disappointment at the time, it struck me as a duller Felt Mountain (Ultraviolence on Xanax!) without the qualities that made me love that particular album. It appears to be the type of album you have to be in a very specific mood for. It clicked instantly when I finally listened to it at the right time, but I wouldn't be able to listen to it on any random occasion since it's not exactly jam-packed with TUNES. Still, I've grown to love most of the songs and the vocals are beautiful.
  12. I don't get Tales Of Us.
    I don't know if it will ever click with me.
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  13. 8. Black Cherry


    Average score: 8.97
    Highest score: 10x13 (@VeryPSB, @soratami, @Nunya B, @Mister_G, @ManilaChinchilla, @Remyky22, @Bleu Noir, @marie_05, @KingBruno, @A&E, @Drop, @Lila, @One Stop Candy Shop)
    Lowest score: 6x1 (@Sprockrooster)

    Say goodbye to Black Cherry's title track and fourth single. Black Cherry is one of the album's softer songs and also a signature Goldfrap-ballad. The song reached #28 in the UK Singles Chart. The CD/DVD singles were backed by the b-side Gone To Earth and remixes by M83 and Lawrence, as well as some remixes of Forever and Twist.

    On their iTunes Originals compilation, Will said this about Black Cherry:
    "I think we’d gone into a more sort of upbeat, drumsy, spice for the second album, we definitely left Felt Mountain behind. Black Cherry was written probably torwards the end of that [homonymous] album and it’s a slight kind of turn back in that direction in that it has this epic kind of quality to it. It just has a very, very simple chord sequence and melody, but sometimes those things that are very simple you can stand hearing repeatedly."

    And Alison tweeted this around the time The Singles came out:
    "Love Will’s string arrangements! There was a period when every time I performed this song, halfway through I would start crying."

    Black Cherry became a setlist staple for most of Goldfrapp's tours and it is often performed as an encore.

    It really is a gorgeous ballad. Timeless and absolutely 10-worthy.

    Everyone sort of agrees:


    @KingBruno (10): “Absolutely significant. Alison’s cheerful vocals are adorable. The whole thing is very relaxable, which makes this a showy song on the tracklist.”

    @Aester (8.5): “The one Black Cherry single I actually like! I heard the M83 remix first and still prefer it slightly, but both versions feel rich and sumptuous.”

    @Ray (9): “See, this is what I imagine Felt Mountain (apart from "Utopia" and "Lovely Head") would have sounded like if it was any good.”

    @Michael17 (8.5): “Very beautiful. Not one of my all-time favorites, though. Gets more and more beautiful as the song progresses. The aquatic fade-out is lovely.”

    @sfmartin (9): “This was never been one of my favourites, but I’ve come to appreciate it more and more as time goes on though. The “excite me, ignite me” section take it to another level. It’s a gorgeous instrumental.”

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  14. A&E can go now.
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  15. I think NOT.
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  16. Ray


  17. Something I particularly like about "Black Cherry" is that although it really is a staple of their live setlist (they've played it three of the four times I've seen them live) it always feels like they're doing a special performance of an obscure fan favorite – something about its placement in the setlist, or the lighting effects they choose for it, I think. It's a nice thing.