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Wonderful Electric: the Goldfrapp Discography Rate: WINNER

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by One Stop Candy Shop, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. All this rate in one grain of sand, and you've blown it.
  2. 8th out of how many sounds about right.
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  3. While the song is simple to a fault, the production on Black Cherry is absolutely stellar, and it has grown on me quite a lot over the years. My only real issue with it is how early it is in the tracklisting. Would have made more sense later in the album, it doesn't feel "earned" at track 3 if that makes any sense.
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  4. 7. Train


    Average score: 9.00
    Highest score: 11x3 (@soratami, @tylerc904, @chris4862), 10x13 (@Ray, @sfmartin, @AllGagaLike, @4Roses, @ManilaChinchilla, @mrdonut, @NightmareBoy, @JamesJupiter, @KingBruno, @Zdarlight, @Drop, @Untouchable Ace, @Hurricane Drunk)
    Lowest score: 1x1 (@Aester)
    My score: 9.5

    The Train stops at 7. This electroclash stomper was the first single to be released off Black Cherry and it reached #23 in the UK Singles Chart, making it the band's first top 30 single. (So it was a bit of a breakthrough song.)

    Train came out on CD and vinyl formats, backed with remixes by Ewan Pearson, T.Raumschmiere and their own 'village hall' remix. Big Black Cloud, Little White Lie was the b-side. Early white label vinyl pressings of Train were labeled 'Wolf Lady'.

    Alison talked to NewBeats about this song:
    "‘Train’ is about obsession, overindulgence and a kind need for it, and a sort of disgust of it as well. All those things really and inspired by being in L.A. I think, which seems to be quite a good place to do all those things, a bit of surgery, you know, money, drugs, sex. It’s a sort of double edged sword, a sort of disgust of it and at the same time a sort of need to indulge in these things."

    And in interviews with The Guide and Metro Café, she gave some insights in the track's lyrics:
    "In that song there’s also something about a ‘nasal douche’. Apparently if you do a lot of coke, you can give yourself one. It cleanses the nasal passages. I think you can buy them on the internet. Well, I mean, coke is everywhere so it makes sense and they do like to clean out all of their orifices there [Los Angeles]."

    "The idea of a ‘wolf lady’ came from being in L.A., and all the weirdo people you meet there. It made me feel weird — how they want to know everything about you — what star sign you are and things. They seem to think they have some kind of power over you. They are a bunch of freaks and scare me."

    It's a genuine Goldfrapp classic, this one. Seeing it live again this year on the Silver Eye tour was a moment.

    While Train obviously received a lot of high scores, it also reeled in the lowest single score of the top 30, thanks to @Aester (1): “I find those synths completely unbearable. I've never been so disappointed in a lead single in my entire life.”

    We should be thankful that @Sprockrooster (8) wasn't in charge of putting together their Singles compilation, or that album would've omitted even more singles: “I keep on forgetting this track exists. But when it is randomly played I am bopping.”

    Train was a musical awakening for @chris4862 (11): “The first time I heard about Goldfrapp was during the lead up to the release of Kylie’s “Body Language” album, when there was a brief attempt by someone to pass off one of their songs as an ‘exclusive’ snippet Kylie’s upcoming single. It was quickly debunked so I didn’t pay much attention at the time, but about a year later I saw copies Black Cherry in the Sam The Record Man shop in downtown Toronto and I decided to check them out for real. Train was the first song I heard and let me just say, I was SHOOK. I was about 14 at the time, and had only ever really been interested in the mainstream pop girls until then, but Goldfrapp and this album were a revelation for me and were really the first step at broadening my musical horizons. All these year later, “Train” still rocks my world just like the first time I heard it.”

    It was also an iconic dealbreaker for @soratami (11): “Iconic song, iconic wolf lady, iconic video, iconic apricot sunrise, iconic nipple pasties lady, iconic everything. The song that made me a fan.”

    A very high score from @Ray (10), who is still relentlessly bashing Felt Mountain: “Through their remix of "Halo" 'Frapp have a connection with Depeche Mode and the way they produce their albums – each being different from the previous one – underlines how shit DM became as a band. There is nothing remotely similar to "Train" on Felt Mountain; nothing that would hint that the "Oompa Radar" hitmakers would be capable of releasing a smash like this. Where Depeche Mode continue their trip up Martin Gore's colon, Goldfrapp never feel the need to release the same record twice. I mention this here of all places because after playing Felt Mountain twice and regretting that I didn't exactly have any further expectations for the band – other than expecting them to never release anything again – and then this came.”

    Funny words can be not funny in Goldfrappworld, according to @Michael17 (9): “Massively underrated. Any song that can successfully incorporate the word “douche” and is not a joke is pretty awesome.”

    @sfmartin (10) also has a lot of praise for Alison and Will, the 00s'-electropop-pioneers: “So nearly my 11. Probably the song that made me fall in love with the band. That chugging electric bass line is so addictive. Pure sex. The lyrics are of course mad but only adds to the queer euphoria of the song. I’d say that this and Strict Machine ignited an electro-pop trend in pop music in the mid to late 00s so for that I will be always truly grateful.”

    A good instrumental does things to @AllGagaLike (10): “For some reason this took a while to click for me, now it's one of my absolute favourites. That instrumental section at the three-minute mark, just before the final chorus, is one of my favourite moments on the album.”

    It's a hot 'n cold deal for @mrdonut (10): “Along with Kylie’s Slow and some of Grace Jones’s finest moments, this is one of the sexiest and sultriest tracks I own. A pulsating, jabbing synthpop masterclass, it may be ice-cold on the surface but deep down, its heat is insistent.”

    @KingBruno (10) is rightfully electrified: “That electrifying chorus takes this to another level.”

    Do we want to see @Untouchable Ace (10) dancing?: “Spiraling and hurtling along and quite a ride.”

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  5. How can you give Train a one? It'S taylor made for any potential sexual encounter/conquest/realization.
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  6. I honestly don't know how anyone can give it a score higher than a one. It's truly one of the most obnoxious, headache-inducing songs I've ever heard and the only Goldfrapp song I outright hate. I made myself listen to it twice for the rate after not hearing it for years and it was a struggle.
  7. The biggest discovery of the rate were some of Alison's comments on songs. Nasal Douche should have been the title of the song.
  8. How fitting that this was post #666!
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  9. I didn't know people in LA enjoy clearing all their orifices. I never found it to be much of a joy myself.
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  10. I feel like colonics were definitely one of those weird pre-wellness wellness trends in the early 2000s in places like LA.
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  11. Clearing your orifices is essential before you plunge down a crack in the earth's faultline with confidence.
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  12. 6. Ocean


    Average score: 9.13
    Highest score: 10x17 (@VeryPSB, @Sprockrooster, @Metal Heart, @AllGagaLike, @4Roses, @Mister_G, @ManilaChinchilla, @wodny, @Remyky22, @chris4862, @marie_05, @NightmareBoy, @KingBruno, @Aester, @Zdarlight, @Lila, @One Stop Candy Shop)
    Lowest score: 6x1 (@2014)

    The last remaining song from Silver Eye leaves just before we hit the top 5.

    Ocean is the album's closing track. It's a dark song, backed by heavy industrial soundscapes that build up as it progresses.

    Alison talked about Ocean during interviews with Billboard and Dazed:

    "I remember coming into the studio one morning and I think we just had a few drums going and it was really basic. Will said, ‘Do you fancy doing some vocals this morning?’ I was really pissed off, in a really bad mood. I was having a bit of a weird time. So I was like, ‘Alright then’ and slightly reluctantly I went into the vocal booth and the words just came out. We tried to re-record the vocals four or five times but never quite had the same sort of atmosphere as that original vocal, so in the end we decided to keep it."

    "Those little [spontaneous, improvisational] moments are worth preserving too; there must be some kind of reason that they happen, something just deep within your psyche. (…) I do like the element of spontaneity and trying to preserve it. It’s a bit like taking a photograph, you’re trying to record just a moment."

    After Tales Of Us (which I came to LOVE over the course of this rate, but I really didn't like it at the time), Ocean was the one song that rekindled my love for Goldfrapp. Such a magnificent song. I was rooting for this one soooo hard and I'm glad it kept its rightful place in the top 10 throughout the voting period.

    No 11s this time, but no scores below 6 either and mostly very positive comments:

    @Sprockrooster (10): “That climax. Break open that ocean and wash all over me in a fury that not only cleanses me, but makes me float to higher ground.”

    @Ray (7.5): “For once, a Frapp album closer that makes me want to immediately replay the record. The distorted vocal is unnecessary though.”

    @Michael17 (7): “Don’t see the appeal of this one. It’s very heavy and just too dark for me.”

    @sfmartin (9): “I love the industrial feeling of this song. Like a heavier Koko.”

    @Nunya B (7): “Hunt, after a trip to Hot Topic.”

    @AllGagaLike (10): “Hunt's industrial (and superior) cousin. So much rage and madness, I bloody love it.”

    @Filler (9): “I love that the last track on their most recent album has my favourite Alison vocal EVER. It makes me never want to hear her happy again. Sorry Alison. I just want you to haunt and menace me.”

    @KingBruno (10): “Extremely dramatic and full of industrial crush. First-rate on the tracklist and probably their best album closer in their whole career. The song is heavy on synths and full of emotionality, therefore turning this into something very striking. The lyrical content is sinister in a pure genius way. The whole thing sounds immense. Undoubtedly the runner-up for my 11.”

    @Untouchable Ace (9.5): “Such a mature sound and another example of their cinematic talents. They need to direct films.”

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  13. TOP 5

    Strict Machine
    Ride A White Horse
    Number 1
  14. With an average of 9,13 that is not something to be mad about losing now. Is it the highest ranked album track? Not sure if Utopia or Ride a White Horse are one.

    I am starting to hope to lose Strict Machine anytime soon now. As I fear it will win again when there is so much better here: A&E / Number 1.
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  15. Ride a White Horse has both their best single artwork and video?

    (Have I said earlier in this thread that their best video was for Alive? Very well then I contradict myself, I contain multitudes)
  16. I never followed them closely, so I honestly didnot know. Definitely something worth checking out then!
  17. The best part of the Ride a White Horse video is toward the end, when Alison does a sour-faced half-hearted rendition of the roller disco arm choreography from the "Hung Up" video.
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  18. Ray


    And in this order, of course.

    I'm surprised I only gave Ocean 7.5!
  19. A fine top 5

    1. Strict Machine
    2. Ride A White Horse
    3. Utopia
    I'd be delighted with either of these winning.
    4. A&E
    5. Number 1
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