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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. I kinda got bored with season 2. The novelty wore off.
  2. The two seasons are a mess for me because I watched the first 6 episodes of season 1 and then the last 6 episodes of season 2. And I didn't even notice that the story had changed.
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  3. Don't get me wrong I still like the show it just feels a little rushed with not a lot actually going on! Although in a preview for the season Nico is in a pair of speedo's so it's worth watching just for that
  4. I loved the premiere. It remains the breeziest and most fun half hour on television right now. Sure, not much happens per episode, but I get so much enjoyment out of just watching these characters interact for 22 minutes. It's the perfect mix of soap and comedy, and always leaves me wanting more. The stunt queen antics that dominated Season 2 (the 'sheep' incident, the 'falling crane' incident) would have received nothing but a huge eye roll on any other show, but here, it works.

    I'm still holding out hope for a Sutton-Nico-other guy three-way at some point.
  5. Thanks for the review. I was worried the show would shit on our cheerios.
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  6. Not me being unaware it was back for it's third season already. Can't wait to catch up!
  7. Episode 2 is so much fun! If it keeps up this level of enjoyable nonsense I'll watch for 10 more seasons.
    (I kind of hope they do, and 51 year old Sutton Foster has to play 37.)
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  8. "I was a big slut in high school" - this show has moments of brilliance, planned or not.
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  9. I laughed out loud so many times during this week's episode. This show is such a hidden gem.
  10. I still love the show but season 3 is treading water a bit. There's no reason plot-wise why Kelsey doesn't know the secret yet.
  11. I agree entirely and it's like the duff has given up on acting aswell - she was never oscar worthy but it's like she doesn't even care anymore!
  12. I hope the secret is revealed by the end of this season. It'll give a whole new dynamic to explore in the show for the next one. Right now, as much as I love the show, it is treading water because the premise hasn't changed much over the course of 3 seasons and there hasn't been much character development through the seasons apart from things that are self-contained to each episode so it's all revolving around this one plot device that isn't quite strong enough to sustain itself without much else going on.
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  13. Hilary Duff getting tram slammed took me by surprise. Whoa.
  14. *Fantasia G2BR voice* I knewwww it!

    Nico Tortorella went on a podcast, or made a podcast?, talking about dating that photographer guy who was always all over his Instagram.

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  15. "You have an actual plan... not the pill... I understand."

  16. To be fair the last few episodes have really picked up and improved 4 and 5 are particularly enjoyable!
  17. I loved the twist that the old author who fancies Liza was actually the author behind Me, Myself and O. Haha.
  18. I love Diana.
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  19. This show is so petty for making Nico Tortorella say the line "wait people are still doing poppers?"
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  20. Pretty sure I've heard this line somewhere else recently.