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Your own/favourite popstar photoshops!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mvnl, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. That's... kind of sweet, actually.
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  2. A&E


    The last thing you see before you die:

  3. from suicide?
  4. R92


  5. When a Little Monster has a sugardaddy
  6. That sound she makes at the end hjkhgggbjk

  7. Ally promoting Por Favor and Twittersilios? Wig.
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  8. Nothing but respect for my president.

  9. Me trying to get into the Christmas spirit this year

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  10. (1) This is absolutely captivating.

    (2) I swear I can hear the vocal line too!

    (3) This is now officially
  11. this but the Ike Turner reference rather than breasteses
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  12. @R92 When ya gonna take me on a ride in this bad boy?

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  13. R92


    We’ll take this instead

  14. R92