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Your own/favourite popstar photoshops!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mvnl, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. The video liking rude comments tho. dddd
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  2. I know you're gonna break my heart


    When I get in your car


    Oh, the trouble I'm in when we take that spin


    Yeah, I'm in


    I know there'll be hell to pay


    Baby, I just can't wait


    Oh, I'm gonna get high when I take that ride


    In your Shelby '68


    Why are pop girls and car gifs so iconic?
  3. Are we supposed to know who the pre-teen bopping in front of the yellow buggy is?
  4. It’s Vanessa Paradis in the Joe Le Taxi video.
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  5. Why did I think it was JoJo?
  6. Prepare to listen to the best french song ever:


    She was the original Alizee, and Tiffany and Debbie's euro sis.

    She was 14, so younger than even them.

    Her Chanel COCO ads are legendary:

    She had some big french pop albums

    and then in 1992 did a whole album with Lenny Kravitz:

    She's a megastar in Europe still.

  7. Sean Cody presents Drake & Shawn
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  8. [​IMG] [​IMG]


    (When did my bar get so low)

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  9. I just noticed that you posted this in the Kylie thread but omitted the Madonna and Beyonce gifs ddd
  10. That was the main edition, this here is the Deluxe!
    Mainly because I was worried mods would take it down there.
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  11. @Drake

    @Shawn’s headband
  12. LE FANTASYYYYYyyyy!!
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  13. Rem


  14. When someone says Beyoncé sweats

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  15. I'm so happy I've never seen that movie. I stan me.
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  16. Poor that