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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Tommie, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. Completely agree with the above. I didn't even start attempting any kind of story progression until I'd got some exploration out my system. And that an infinitesimally small amount of ground covered relative to the actual overworld. And I still achieved things naturally. I didn't mind the thin story. It let the adventure breathe.

    My ONLY gripe (barely) is that I think the interiors of each Shrine could have been more varied. I'm actually quite surprised that they weren't. Even if just by region.
  2. There had been a whole town I had never been to until last night which I thought was very amusing.
  3. Even just WATCHING my guy go through this game from start to finish, without offering him any help or tips has been such a treat.
    He's gone through things a completely different way then me was well, he got the Master sword far before I had gotten it and opened up the map in a different order. Many of the shrines he solved in a different way as well, which has been really cool to see, He's even discovered areas that I didn't even notice in my play through!

    Miss Nintendo did that
  4. That surprised me as well. regional differences in Shrine appearance would have been very welcome. I was also surprised there wasn't a corrupted or decayed Shrine somewhere. One that had been all but ruined, or was guarded by a foe. There's certainly scope for that in a sequel or more DLC anyway.
    I loved when that happened to me. Even the last time I played I ended up in a forest area that I'd never seen before, and I was beginning to think I'd seen it all.
  5. Yeah, lack of variety in “dungeon” and enemy appearances seems to be a common complaint.
  6. I actually like the fact that the shrines share similar style, it’s like a small “break” from how overwhelming the overworld and it’s diversity feels at times.

    But then again I’m barely starting the game so maybe I’ll feel different by the 50th shrine.
  7. I’ve only had the game a couple days now and it’s torn me into shreds and rebuilt me in its image. I’ve already started dreaming about Hyrule.
  8. Yesss. I dreamt about it last night too! Or sometimes when I close my eyes I kind of day dream about the fields in the game. And just now I’m on a trip surrounded by mountains and lakes and all I can think about is Zelda.

    It’s a bit too much.
  9. Why is the motorbike so iconic RIP my horses (Radar, Blur and Passenger) careers
  10. ddd I'm supposed to go and visit a friend that lives in the hills this long weekend and for a second I considered paragliding home.
  11. I found the Horses too annoying to control even though it's vastly improved from previous games. This motorbike is a legend in comparison.
  12. "Oh baby you got the Armor of The Wild? Well how about tonight you battle MY Calamity Ganon?"
  13. The bike is a really cool addition but it would be good if they added some race courses or time trials. Combining Zelda with Mario Kart would literally destroy me.

    I still love galloping along on one of my horses though, listening to the relaxing plonky piano music and taking in the gorgeous scenery. Each time I play this game Hyrule just seems to get more beautiful.
  14. I'm farming ancient cores / giant ancient cores and I SWEAR I've killed about 100 guardians but they never drop them!!!!1 I'm about to lose my hairs
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  15. I have this waiting in the cupboard but I refuse to start it until I’ve finished Mario. And also a couple of very long flights coming up that I’m hoping the good sis Link will help me through.
  16. I named a horse Coleen (Nolan) and deliberately killed it, I don't even feel guilty x
  17. The first time I got a horse killed trying to flee a Lynel, I felt TERRIBLE.
  18. My brother was wearing metal in a thunderstorm with the helmet that negates electricity... But it didn't do that for his horse who got so scared it fell off a bridge.

    It was sad.
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  19. You guys are giving me a panic about the horses.

    Also, do I need to check my horse in to a stable to keep it if I’ve already done that before? Like, I’ve only found one stable and it’s miles away from where I’m at currently. If I just abandon the horse somewhere, it won’t be magically at that stable will it?
  20. If you've already registered it at a stable it will go there whenever you're too far from it. So when you go to that stable or any other stable you can just call it back out.