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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Tommie, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. RJF


    When you accidentally kill a bokoblin's horse and the corpse sticks around for an uncomfortably long time.
  2. Oh thank god. I’ve not let my horse out of my sight for fear he’d disappear never to be seen again. Glad to know he’ll have a home!
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  3. I’ve had to summon the Horse God’s powers numerous times...
  4. I've left my horse out while I went and did shit and it just stayed on the map until I got him. Good ol' Roach.
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  5. I haven't bothered with horses in a long time. The last time I did was when I went to get that enormous one. I'd rather glide and run everywhere, but I do appreciate the effort they went to with the stables etc.
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  6. You know, for how HORRIBLE you feel ending up killing a horse, I always laugh going to the Horse God.
  7. I feel really dumb for just figuring out that if you are riding a horse on a road you don't need to steer.
  8. This actually depends on your bond and how the horse's temperment is, so it's not like, always automatic, from what I've read.
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  9. I’m extremely afraid of Guardians and Lynels.

    When I was getting shock arrows for the Zora’s Divine Beast, the Lynel was extremely far away (all the way down where he walks around, whilst I was at the peak of the mountain), and he threw a shock arrow up at the air and it hit me perfectly killing me in one shot.

    They terrify me!
  10. goddamn the final master trials section omg.
  11. Parrying is the key! With Lynels it takes a bit of time to get used to as their patterns change depends on what weapon they are holding, but Guardians become ridiculously easy once you get the hang of parrying their laser beams.
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  12. I'm still 50/50 with Guardians. I can kill them but I screw it up a lot. Lynels still have me running and hiding.
  13. Fuck killing a lynel except that easy first one you have to. Oh and the minor ones in Hyrule Castle turrets.
  14. Well I killed my first guardian today but it was with an ancient arrow... I think it gives me the confidence to go after another one though.
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  15. Jesus christ this game is really overwhelming. I just wasn't prepared to play the Zelda game I've always dreamed of.

    I find it so incredible that there are areas I think I've already explored completely, just to find out there's an entire village I missed. Or (really stupidly) thinking that, because I reached a very high mountain and looked around, that I've managed to pin point every visible shrine that's on the surface, just to find out later on that there are proper high points with a shrine shining bright on their peak which I never noticed before.

    but in a very positive way
  16. Eventide Island wasn’t as bad as I was dreading! Plus I totally forgot that place had the respawning arrow chest so y*s @ essentially unlimited free arrows.
  17. I'm afraid to use horses in case they die

    Also everytime I find a new stable I keep feeding the dogs dozens of apples so they like me

    Also I never kill the animals because it makes me sad except the wolves because fuck the wolves
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  18. RJF


    I don't even use the horses because they're useless. Travelling by foot is both more rewarding and entertaining and warping between the shrines covers the rest of the transport.
  19. +1 for travelling by foot. There's so much climbing involved in this game that mounting, taming and registering multiple horses around the map is more trouble than it's worth.

    I just activated the last tower that I needed to unlock the entire map and now I'm wondering whether I should continue with the main quest or continue exploring. I would like to continue exploring but I don't think I'll physically be able to without better gear to withstand the extreme conditions of some of the regions. I do have fire and ice weapons that will help with that but I'd like to have the appropriate clothing on hand as well.
  20. I am no longer afraid of Guardians! I'll parry them all the way to hell.

    Plus if you can sneak up on them it's easy to just chop their legs off and that makes them far less scary.