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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Tommie, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. I finally did all the shrines... finding the last one was a choice. I was squinting my eyes so hard trying to find the one that I was missing I got a massive headache from doing that.

  2. Felt appropriate for today!
  3. Jesus christ I just spent a ton of hours traveling across the border of Hyrule... went all the way from Satori Mountain to the Gut Check Rock just north of Death Mountain... I went all along the edge of the map, obviously stopping to defeat enemy camps and shrines (everything at the edge of the map seems to give you more powerful weapons / equipment!), and it took me ages.

    I'm shocked at the amount of Lynel's I saw on my journey, easily 6 or more... And NORTHERN LIGHTS IN THE SKY!

    I'm still in awe of this game. How did they even manage to create it?
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  4. Oh I should try that, although Lynels terrify me more than any Guardian I've encountered.

    After activating all of the towers I decided to cash in my Korok seeds and follow Hestu around, which naturally led me to the Korok Forest. I'm thinking of heading to Zora's Domain next, though I don't feel like I'm ready to continue the main quest yet.
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  5. It's actually fun and you'll find interesting things along the way! But yes, if you spot a big open plainfield, you run for dear life.

    I think I've been going through the game extremely non-linearly... After talking to Impa once, I went ahead and completed two divine beasts and I've explored most of the map and what not, yet just yesterday I stumbled upon the ancient tech lab and I have yet to go to Hateno village, which I think is something I should have done straight after talking to Impa?
  6. Oh my, I killed my first Lynel today.

    Although it was only thanks to me hiding behind small boulders whenever he came running towards me.
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  7. One thing I don't understand is why they didn't take a more creative approach with the borders of the world... It feels so weird to me that in a world that's more open and realistic than any past reiteration in the Zelda series, that they went with an "invisible wall" to stop you from going further.

    If I remember correctly, in Majora's Mask if you went too far into the Sea, you got caught up into a storm and got washed ashore. And in Ocarina of Time I think the Gerudo Desert would engulf you in a sand storm.

    It just seems weird that they went with the "You can't go any further" + Invisible Wall route when they could have done something a bit more creative. The only reason I can come up with as to why they didn't do it was to avoid confusing players or making them think there were further areas that could eventually be accessible with certain quests or equipment, but I think a player could figure it out by seeing their map.
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  8. Yeah that bothered me as well. It was such an old-skool limitation for a very forward thinking game.
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  9. Oh lord. I got this for Christmas. I saved it for a flight to Australia which is on Tuesday. I just put the card in to download any updates I might need. Just five minutes won’t hurt. An hour later. I have withdrawals. I had to be ripped away. This thing is beauty.
  10. I've spent 175 hours playing this game. Still haven't done anything much with either of the DLC packs, though. That trial with a 1/4 of a heart only is no joke.
  11. I've taken a step back from it post Champion's Ballad. Still only done <100 shrines, got some costume bits to get etc. That Trial of the Sword or whatever was just nasty and I have no desire to go back to it anytime soon.

    I'm playing Night In The Woods in the interim. Different beast entirely...
  12. I've finally reached the point where hunting Lynel's is fun.

    With a couple of strong weapons, Urbosa's Fury and Stasis+, it's quite easy. I only hate the amount of food spent and losing potentially good weapons, but I guess the reward is worth it!

    Also, I still have no clue how there are Korok's on Death Mountain.
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  14. Is there a point to hoarding amber or should I just sell it as soon as I get it?
  15. I'd just sell them. They are required when you are upgrading some of your armour later on but they are so easy to come by.
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  16. I walked past a ticking lamppost yesterday and for a split second I looked for a Korok windmill.
  17. I've owned this game for almost a month now, I've played at least a couple of hours each day since owning it (some days going full on 6 hours non stop I think), so I'm shocked to still find myself exploring completely new areas in the world and discovering new places. And I'm not just talking about little ruins I hadn't spotted before, I'm talking full-on pieces of land complete with shrines and korok's I had never stepped foot in.

    And looking at my map and seeing parts which have no "marks" on them, it's clear I still have big areas I have yet to uncover. It's ridiculous.

    (And also every time I open the game I'm in awe at how beautiful it is)

    Edit: It's also just considerably impressive to me when past Zelda games would take me a week or two tops to complete.
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