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  1. Salami
    Salami Island
    Why Rachel
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    2. Island
      why not!? she’s an icon.
      Aug 6, 2022 at 10:44 PM
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  2. The Knowledge
    The Knowledge GimmeWork
    The One really is one of CRJ's best songs... severely underrated! Your signature pleases me greatly.
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    2. GimmeWork
      <3 you for picking up on that! Yes! SOOO underrated.
      Aug 1, 2022
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  3. 2014
    u won't break my soul
  4. Dynamo
    I look hot innit, hot innit, I look hot innit
  5. Dynamo
    "Bears are basically gay boomers." - Dynamo, 2022
  6. 2014
    if I only could
  7. Square
    Square poke-her-face
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  8. Your Pretty Brains
    Your Pretty Brains man.tis.shrimp
    I screamed at your bong rip post and wanted to let you know. You're lowkey one of my faves. Thanks.
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  9. ManilaChinchilla
    That duck tasted like a used condom, and I wanna forget about it.
  10. junglefish
    junglefish vague
    Aaaah your Love Jam avatar!!! The nostalgia…
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    2. vague
      thanks!!! i have decided to fully embrace my true self - a comeback coroner weeaboo - this year
      Jun 14, 2022
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  11. BreatheBox
    RIP Mariah rate
  12. Slice of Life
    Slice of Life
    270K LIKES AHHHHH!!!!! This is all I want in my PJ career! Thank you all for indulging me! Love, your resident like whore ♡
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    RUNAWAY vague
    Ayu <333
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    2. vague
      having a nostalgic moment of jpop whatever this week
      Jun 1, 2022
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  14. 2014
    save me
  15. chanex
    reserves the luxury of feline company
  16. Love Deluxe
    Love Deluxe vague
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    2. Love Deluxe
      Love Deluxe
      Please prescribe to my youChuube channel for more DJ mixes, Koda CHUUmi’s Driving Hits #1-59. Also it's May 30 in Australia already so I'm posting early
      May 29, 2022
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    3. vague
      you are the sweetest. this years playlist is the best yet thank u ❤️
      May 30, 2022
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  17. Atlas
    Atlas irishlamb
    Your avatar is an abomination! ;-)
  18. Ugly Beauty
    Ugly Beauty evilsin
    Hdhshddjhskdkjdjr hiouu oh gjufithh m lol d it u DC
  19. 2014
    "you're too sensitive, " they said
  20. TrueBeliever
    DREAM: Pikes Peak Writers Anthology AVAILABLE NOW!!!
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