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  1. SpaceDog
  2. soratami
  3. Leader Beans
    Leader Beans
    I used to be scared of the dique!
  4. Leonelli
    Geometric Shape of Love
  5. Solenciennes
    Solenciennes Lila
    Come back queen
  6. djessie
    djessie Dark Ballet
    I somehow missed the boat on these Sophie reissues. I was going to order all the vinyls and CDs but sadly Shoot From The Hip and Trip The Light Fantastic vinyls are now out of stock. Will those be reprinted?
  7. Dynamo
    "Be a bad bitch, not a stupid one." -RAYE
  8. PastaALaClara
    Tell me what the future holds
  9. 2014
    ALL I NEED is THE KICK for a GLORIOUS rate!!
  10. Dynamo
    That feeling when you walk into this fantasy and, you know, have a lunch and farrrrt, and do normal things like meet your friends...
  11. Salami
    Salami Island
    Why Rachel
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    2. Island
      why not!? she’s an icon.
      Aug 6, 2022
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  12. The Knowledge
    The Knowledge GimmeWork
    The One really is one of CRJ's best songs... severely underrated! Your signature pleases me greatly.
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    2. GimmeWork
      <3 you for picking up on that! Yes! SOOO underrated.
      Aug 1, 2022
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  13. 2014
    u won't break my soul
  14. Dynamo
    I look hot innit, hot innit, I look hot innit
  15. Dynamo
    "Bears are basically gay boomers." - Dynamo, 2022
  16. 2014
    if I only could
  17. Square
    Square poke-her-face
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  18. Your Pretty Brains
    Your Pretty Brains man.tis.shrimp
    I screamed at your bong rip post and wanted to let you know. You're lowkey one of my faves. Thanks.
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  19. ManilaChinchilla
    That duck tasted like a used condom, and I wanna forget about it.
  20. junglefish
    junglefish vague
    Aaaah your Love Jam avatar!!! The nostalgia…
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    2. vague
      thanks!!! i have decided to fully embrace my true self - a comeback coroner weeaboo - this year
      Jun 14, 2022
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