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  1. LP
    We're Made For NOW!
  2. pop3blow2
  3. NecessaryVoodoo
    So, I have very uncomftibble kwistchun 2 u...
  4. Tony Lamezma
    Tony Lamezma
    wearing your dressing gown when you're not there.
  5. 2014
    deep down you know you could make it right
  6. Espeon
    I’m just a chalk mark in a rainstorm
  7. codecat
    just like u bb, just like u bb
  8. NecessaryVoodoo
    NecessaryVoodoo Andy French
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    3. Andy French
      Andy French
      "The country that gave us Dana International...and JESUS"

      We have decided to stan forever
      Mar 9, 2019
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    4. NecessaryVoodoo
      The Greek Goddess Helena Papa-tapa
      Mar 9, 2019
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    5. Andy French
      Andy French
      Tutu Cunnilingus
      Mar 9, 2019
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  9. The Honest Vocal Coach
    The Honest Vocal Coach
    I am new here! I can't wait to get involved in talking about music.
  10. Secret
    Secret MrWonderfulPop
    Not sure if your inbox is full, but tried to PM you in direction of the Ray of Light demo CD and it wouldn't let me.
  11. soratami
    soratami Rantaro
    Taste (again)! He's one of my favourites too.
  12. berserkboi
    Je Vous Surveille!
  13. idratherjack
    idratherjack MixmasterRemix
    My new avatar is Troye Sivan.

    Loving your new Pete Burns picture disc!
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    2. MixmasterRemix
      Fab, thanks! Love your taste. :-)
      Feb 22, 2019
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  14. MixmasterRemix
    MixmasterRemix idratherjack
    Whose your new avatar?
  15. codecat
    dreams, dreams may come true
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  16. Empty Shoebox
    Empty Shoebox WowWowWowWow
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    3. Empty Shoebox
      Empty Shoebox
      So you didn't try the semmelwrap?
      Mar 13, 2019
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    4. WowWowWowWow
      There’s only so much adventure one man can take at once.
      Mar 13, 2019
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    5. Empty Shoebox
      Empty Shoebox
      That and they're over 60 Kr each.
      Mar 17, 2019 at 7:34 PM
  17. Juango
  18. KITSCH
    KITSCH Xanax
    who are u on rym again?
    1. Xanax
      Mar 5, 2019
  19. pop3blow2
  20. Rantaro
    Rantaro soratami
    Yesss, Rantaro is my best boy!
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