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    The Sex Lives of College Girls

    Im addicted
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    The Scream Franchise

    Julie can be the opening kill, no dream this time. Then Boom Karla the movie.
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    Scream 7 *SPOILERS*

    This is giving me so much 90's vibes.
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    Scream 7 *SPOILERS*

    Im more excited for this than five. It feels bigger.
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    The Halloween Franchise

    After all the hate i ended up loving ends. I had no expectations and i loved that it was different. Im all about carrying on with this type feel.
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    Taylor Swift - Midnights

    Maroon is that bitch
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    The Scream Franchise

    they should have kept both of those scenes it. THey feel very screamesque. THe judy and dewey scene realy was needed to give theor characters more presence in the movie.
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    Avril Lavigne - Love Sux

    THe serotonin this gives me is unreal
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    The Scream Franchise

    Agreed all of the screams are very rewatchable. I enjoyed the tv series for what it was as well.
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    Christina Aguilera - AGUILERA

    Wow the visuals are perfection. I love the song!
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    Selena Gomez - "My Mind & Me" + Next Album

    She has been working constantly this year. So Much music and tv. Im super excited for I feel Pretty.
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    The Halloween Franchise

    1. Halloween 2. Halloween 2 3. Halloween H20 4. Halloween 4 5. Halloween Kills 6. Halloween 2018 7. Halloween 3 8. Halloween Resurrection 9. Halloween 6 10. Halloween 5 11. Rob Zombie's Halloween 12. Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 I really wasn't a huge fan of Halloween 2018. Halloween Kills felt...
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    The Halloween Franchise

    I sometimes feel im the only one who enjoys resurrection. I love a good campy horror film that thinks its edgy lol
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    I Know What You Did Last Summer (Amazon Series)

    This is how i feel about the new generation of stars. I might be my age but, I just remember how iconic the casts were in horror in the 90's.
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    The Halloween Franchise

    I love this.