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    Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me… Now

    I think Mariah is a great example of someone who proudly wears the “diva” label and has made it a fun part of her persona - with a wink and a tip of the champagne flute - but who also treats people really, really well behind the scenes. Or so I’ve heard. Much like Cher and Dolly, she embodies...
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    Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me… Now

    I’m usually the first person to disregard TikTok but as someone who lives in LA and works on the periphery of the industry, I have met no less than half a dozen people who have had incredibly distressing firsthand encounters with Jennifer. One of whom recently designed her dressing room/walk in...
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    Fefe Dobson - Emotion Sickness + General Discussion

    The Bedtime Stories cover is a proper Moment. She’d be daft not to go with that one.
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    The Real Housewives of Orange County

    Noella’s absence is truly inexplicable and so, so frustrating.
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    Gwen Stefani - "Purple Irises” (with Blake Shelton) + 5th Album

    Seeing no mention of “Cool” amongst all the talk of Gwen’s signature hits makes my heart hurt. One of the greatest pop songs ever written.
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    Dagny - “Strawberry Dream” + ELLE (Jun 7)

    First impression after one play - song of the year!
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    Yellowjackets (Showtime)

    I have a friend who’s close with two of the younger cast members, and it isn’t my place to expand tew much but Juliette definitely wanted off and it was common knowledge amongst cast/crew for quite a long time.
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    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    Met Kathy (who was with THEE morally corrupt Faye Resnick!) and Rinna this evening. Rinna was kind of awful ddd but Kathy was an absolute delight. Cynthia Bailey was also there and whew, chile… I have never seen a prettier face in person (and she’s so lovely).
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    The View

    A certain pejorative term for Romani people.
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    Britney Spears

    “Alien” (glitch aside), “Man on the Moon” and “Swimming in the Stars” make for the perfect celestial trilogy.
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    Shows that were largely forgotten but are still great

    Recently started this on the recommendation of a friend who has yet to lead me astray, and am honestly stunned by how excellent it is. It feels like a spiritual successor to “Mad Men.” Prior to watching I had zero interest in tech or Silicon Valley, but I’m so attached to these (very flawed yet...
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    Dolly Parton - Rockstar

    So… is Debbie actually on this? Was she confirmed and then dropped out, but they decided to leave her name for the extra streams, or? I can’t hear her, I don’t see her. Ddd
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    The Real Housewives of Miami

    Suspiciously so, in my opinion. We’re in for an Erika Jayne-style reveal, I fear. Let’s just hope Dr Nicole is still gracing our screens when it happens so that we have front row seats to the mess.
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    Harry Styles - Harry’s House

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    Lily Allen

    What did it say?