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    Miley Cyrus - Endless Summer Vacation

    OBSESSED with Handstand
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    Loreen - "Tattoo" + General Discussion

    A minute of the song is out there chills
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    Rina Sawayama - Hold The Girl

    Loreen will
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    Loreen - "Tattoo" + General Discussion

    I need this more than water
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    Kelela - Raven

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    Kelela - Raven

    Raven song is hitting hard today
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    Kelela - Raven

    I. can't. fucking. wait.
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    Rebecca Black - Let Her Burn

    The album is brilliant as expected. 'Erase You' is an instant favorite.
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    Rose Gray

    'Ecstasy' is so good, I love the whole EP so much
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    Kiss Myself remains a 11/10 banger
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    Låpsley - Cautionary Tales of Youth

    'Levitate' is the one
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    Kelela - Raven

    She never fails, 'Contact' is brilliant
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    Rebecca Black - Let Her Burn

    4:14 minutes... we won
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    Iggy Azalea - "Hotter Than Hell" (Multimedia OF Project) + General Discussion

    okey but what's the song in the background