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  • Oh hai you. Cute instagramzzzz

    Glad to see you have landed safely and London got rid of you just in time for Fashion Week~~ xoxox
    Ah, I'm the opposite! I hope to plunging myself into gainful employment very soon. My post count may fall even further behind Keifer et al...!

    I hope you are enjoying your travels so far! I get a buzz from just nipping down to the local Tesco, so I can't imagine how exciting this all is for you. Travel safely!

    (And believe me, I know! Unfortunately, I'm trying to scrape together some cash to buy a new Photoshop package, as the one I have at the moment just ain't cutting it any more, hence the delay.)
    Literally had no idea what that meant. Google is my friend.

    I believe 'ay up duck' would be an appropriate response.
    Well he was like a 6, but heyho every 6 needs a 9 ~~
    When you get to my position you can't afford to be fussy!
    Um hello to the cute Tailor!... I was about to go book my fitting.
    Our Saturday nights are clearly so cutting edge haha.
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