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  • Worship me hun.

    Thanks, 'Bleaty! I think you'd look pretty fetching with something similar to mine. Are you excited for your time away?
    I'd say take it back and get the colour you want, nobody has time for half hearted fashion choices when you are going on a trip. If its not at least 8/10 leave it home!
    I sort of want to just go through your whole suitcase and ease your woes now... Flock to me and let me guide you!
    I see you are a stylish boy from your photo so I have faith in you Alpha.
    Don't be a Cheryl... Always be the Nadine. I would say be the Bey but ya know... That vacancy is kinda of taken ;) ~~
    Make sure you visit every now and then, we won't judge you for missing us!
    It actually annoys me. My OCD is kicking in, it doesn't have a correct 'place'.

    I'm after the train thing now, that should be fun aha.
    If he wants to spill that hot tea, then so be it boo. Leave him and his fierce uniform and matching wig to it I say.

    Well I am a right mudblood really; a mix of Chinese, English, Ozzie and Portugese and then to top it all off born in Malaysia. I'm the true Mr.Worldwide, Pitbull who?
    Ya know Emirates and Etihad aren't actually bad airlines to work for. They put you up in a swish apartment and what you earn is tax free dollah so don't knock it boo~!

    And I'm a weird freak who actually LIKED turbulence, yes, I did just type that. And I've been Malaysian since I was born, 25/05/1990...don't forget to send me a card!
    Oshie is the winner, love it, in fact I'm adopted that one own real world, don't worry boo I'll send you royalties.
    Oh catch Malaria, just make sure you are papped in a hospital bed doing your best 'Im emotionally frail, but I'll survive...just' face and you will return home a national hero!
    Ohhh I see your dilemma. Personally I favour Blue over Grey but I can see that neutral may be the key. How long are you off for, do you require a PJ going away party or will you just be gracing us with your presence from further afield?
    Haha yeah it's okay I guess!
    Ahhh Miguel is everything. He is gives me "I'm only one drink away" vibes too which is only ever a good thing, right?!
    The nickname needs adjusting boo, I can't get into the 'S' maybe just Oce, but it reads so off. Your username is so quotable so you clearly came prepared for this day.
    Are u all prepped for your spot of globe trotting, Dora?
    Shosh works, or you can just call me Ocean like everyone else, it's in my real name haha.
    Truer words have never been spoken, what kind of God?!
    Yes keep serving those Miguel eyebrows, they are life formed in the shape of an arch. Unforts, I have more of the Drake variety but you have to work with the hand you're dealt.
    Hey, i'm losing my Bleaty virginity just to tell you that you have flawless taste and amazing eyebrows. That's a pretty winning combination tbh...

    (And brownie points for putting me in the Quotes thread)
    Well I'm a complete airline geek so it was a pretty holy experience for me. I haven't flown MAS' offering but flew Emirates and they are top-notch, their IFE is probably the best in the sky.

    I love MAS since they're my country's national carrier, and my sister flew them and sung their praises so I'm sure you'll be fine. Flying on an A380 has got to be better than flying their haggard 747's.
    Oh, you!

    You've made me happy lately.

    Did you make a disappearance for a bit? Or have a significantly reduced presence? Either way, I just won't stand for it.

    I actually have a question to ask you. A few weeks ago, a very serious incident occurred. Hundreds of your brethren were subjected to this heinous torture. Did they get you, 'Bleaty? Tell me it's not so!
    Aha I've had it since Christmas to be fair so its been a long time in the making. You'll get addicted!
    Haha yes! It's amazing, I applaud you for joining. Can I add you so I have someone else to visit and get stuff from?

    God that sounds sad.
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