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  • Ill fly over first class and wine and dine you don't worry. I wont let you rot in a hostel for too long.
    Indeed it does, there seems to be quite a few people who have taken a leave of absence and it shows!

    And he also gets brownie points for being very hot. I do kinda wish he was actually gay, imagine what that would do for the rap community. Anything happening in the world of the Alphableat?
    Neither have I! I also feel out of the loop on all things PJ-related.

    Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are indeed amazing. He followed me on Twitter, I felt special (/he tries to follow everyone who follows him).
    Haha and I definitely approved you sinful boy. Im jealous of all your travel plans, take me with you?
    Neither do I. I'm listening to Run the World (Girls). Shoot me.

    Oops my bad, I do sincerely apologise. And yes Dagenham, that is a struggle, but thankfully you made it out alive and are now off to travel the world. Have you sorted your wee travel predicament yet?
    Ha where is this fabled borers and where you reside? For some reason I thought you were in Oxford?
    I'm sorry you are literally speaking another language.
    I do have quite a penchant for graveh though.
    For a second I thought you were implying I went to the University of Sheffield, which is in the North. THE NORTH. I would never step foot in that barren wasteland. The (potential) shade of it.
    Haha, am I? I don't watch it.

    I guess it's just my current 'social theme'.
    They are indeed on the playlist. I'll be honest, I remain blissfully unaware of what they sound like, I just play along so long as pop gets a good representation on the station. Otherwise it would literally be Tame Impala x30 and a plethora of indie bands that wont even be remembered in a weeks time.

    I championed Solange's 'Losing You' and Ellie Goulding which was quite nice. A lot of the more obvious chart smashes get put up instantly anyway since they got complaints last year that they were playing unpopular music. I've lost more than I've won though, Girls Aloud (not Beautiful Cause You Validate Me and Gave Me a Compliment thankfully), Nelly Furtado's 'Parking Lot' (which got ripped to shreds).

    It's fun though.
    I couldn't possibly say to whom you might be referring. Indubitably! Pip pip! Tally ho!

    What fun.
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