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  • Amazing. How come you know all these people? And being Pixie Lott's groupie probably isn't worth much except for making a pass at all the guys who try to make a pass at her I suppose haha.

    Why were you being interviewed? And I'd love to say I rule the airwaves with an iron fist of pop but I've only got a playlist show at the moment, so I only get to play whatever is on that. But I am on Music Committee too so I practically get to choose what goes on there anyway aha. I just have to suffer through whatever indie-fad everyone is bumming that week whilst pop acts remain strong.
    I don't know them properly no. I just interviewed them for my Uni radio station.

    They seemed like proper nice lads though. Why, who do you know in the music circles? Haha I'm intrigued.
    I did didn't I....

    Erm well they had another single out, 'Sing When With Your Feet' and from Twitter they've got another single coming out soon. And he said (on the phone, cause we had a chat you know...) that the album is coming early 2013 s lets hope so!
    Not a problem! Since you are one of the forum's finest and most prolific posters, I felt it wrong that your wall was so bare.

    And yes, a belated happy birthday is in order on your wall, too, despite the fact that I wished you one in 'Random Thoughts'. This one will be documented in a better way!

    Hey, if you're feeling a bit down about turning 22, think of a certain Lily Allen song...


    According to Lily, YOUR FUTURE IS BRIGHT.

    Let's just hope we don't find you poorly applying lipstick in front of a mirror in 7/8 years time. Society only lets you off with that now.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIATCH. Have a great day! :)
    Well, I think it's a darned disgrace that you have no comments on your wall, sir.
    I hope you don't mind if I am your first. To comment.

    Congratulations on being a web wizard (I have literally been spewing shitey alliterations all day - please forgive me)! I have a friend who seemingly did something similar to another website, albeit on a much smaller scale. He, justifiably, felt really chuffed, so well done!

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