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    The Wheel of Time

    I couldn't remember a single thing that happened in this show! Not a clue what's going on but I enjoyed the first 2 episodes, it's all very pretty and I had missed Rosamund saying mysterious things while my husband Daniel Henny broods. I kind of wish they had quietly killed off Rand and Perrin...
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    Oscar Bait 2023-2024

    The Oscars are still in my bad books after snubbing Golden Globe winner Rosamund Pike, despite her phenomenal Vape pen performance But I can tell from the 2 scenes they showed of her in the Saltburn trailer that this is a smash, and it at least helped me decide the outfit I will be wearing to...
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    The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

    hi, I just finished Secret Invasion and have a request, can someone please cast Emilia Clarke in a TV show that doesn't end with like a 12% on Rotten Tomatoes. just cast my queen in The Bear or House of the Dragon please
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    The Bear (Disney+ / Hulu)

    Just finished both seasons 1 & 2 over the past week and loved alllll of it, deffo in the running for show of the year with Succession! I felt like season 2 was stronger - I'm glad it had a couple more episodes.
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    Zayn - "Love Like This"

    wait this is the best song I have heard in DAYS! Incredible drunk music
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    Random Thoughts

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    Rebuild of the Anime Thread

    Bleach is back! Still so pretty and the music is outstanding as always!! I don't mind waiting years if it looks this good (regardless of the convoluted plot nn).
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    Additional streaming recommendations

    Finally finished Barry, incredible show that had me howling at times! I definitely enjoyed the first 2 seasons more than 3/4 (the directing was a little... off at times? and the characters felt inconsistent) but overall pretty solid. Dropped The Silo on episode 5. Despite all the work in...
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    Additional streaming recommendations

    I just checked out the first 2 episodes and it's pretty solid! Tbh I'm a sucker for anything that's in that sci-fi dystopian genre though. There were quite a few recognizable faces too. Not totally hooked yet but intrigued enough to keep watching! I haven't read the series of books its based...
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    Lord of the Rings - TV Series

    I finally finished this after giving up halfway through episode 5 last year. It actually...wasn't completely terrible? I got invested in a few of the plots which I wasn't expecting, and the hot elf kept me going. It was visually stunning throughout, and some of the action sequences were really...
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    Netflix recommendations

    I just finished The Glory. I'm a sucker for a revenge story and this did not let me down, it was outstanding! Reminds me of Revenge but less camp and more realistic, and most importantly a lot more concise!
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    Game of Thrones (HBO pace - no book spoilers)

    Another iconic rewrite, I'm still obsessed with them!
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    Movie comments, outbursts, quips and general chatter

    I watched the Dungeons & Dragons movie today and had a blast! I only watched it to see my husband Regé-Jean Page but it was actually really fun and made me cry nn
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    Okay part 2 was a bit of a scream! Absolutely ridiculous, but entertaining once it got going. Also this should not have been split into 2 parts!
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    Rebuild of the Anime Thread

    So Attack on Titan is back! Season 4 Part 3 Part 1.... Wasn't expecting an hour long episode! I'm glad they've spent so much time on this final season(s), the animation/ost is amazing.