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  • If you're going to talk about me behind my back, at least check out my great ass.
    Hi Blayke.
    Last minutes to send you my rate, here it is:

    Fire: 6
    I Don't Care: 7
    In the Club: 5
    Let's Go Party: 4
    Pretty Boy: 6
    Stay Together: 2
    Lollipop: 9

    Can't Nobody: 7
    Go Away: 7
    Clap Your Hands: 6
    I’m Busy: 8
    It Hurts (Slow): 3
    Love Is Ouch: 8
    You and I: 2
    Please Don’t Go: 6
    Kiss: 7
    Follow Me: 5
    I Don’t Care (Reggae Ver.): 7
    Can’t Nobody (Eng. Ver.): 7

    I Am The Best: 8
    Ugly: 5
    Lonely: 6
    Hate You: 9
    Don’t Cry: 2
    Don’t Stop The Music:4

    Scream: 8

    I Love You: 8

    Falling In Love: 6

    Do You Love Me: 6

    Missing You: 7

    Crush: 7
    Come Back Home: 7
    Gotta Be You: 6
    If I Were You: 6
    Good To You: 5
    MTBD: 6
    Happy: 7
    Baby I Miss You: 5
    Come Back Home (Unplugged Ver.): 6

    I didn't rate, the unofficial singles, I hope you don't mind.
    Have a nice day!
    Hey! Sorry for the late reply. I rarely view my own profile haha. Thanks for the message!
    Born and bred in England (obv) but I'm originally Ghanaian. What about you ? :)
    My new favorite is friends with your favorite. Look.
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