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    Dua Lipa - "Training Season" + 3rd Album

    It will be May/June with the third single just before it.
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    The Blessed Madonna - "Happier" (feat. Clementine Douglas) + Debut Album

    I hadn't heard of this song until it popped up in my release radar playlist last week and it's probably my most played song of the year so far. This really deserves to be huge. They also released an extended remix today.
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    Charli XCX - "Von Dutch" (Feb 29) + 6th Album

    I might be alone in this but there's something about the clips of Von dutch that reminds me a bit of Padam. The choruses feel quite similar.
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    Season 2 for me will always be the best. It felt like the show's glory days. Ross and Rachel. Tom Selleck. Every joke landed. There wasn't a dud episode. But 4 to 8 were mostly great too.
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    Charli XCX - "Von Dutch" (Feb 29) + 6th Album

    A longer snippet.
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    Charli XCX - "Von Dutch" (Feb 29) + 6th Album

    This better be more than just verse-chorus-verse-chorus. I can't see it having much replay value if it is.
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    I enjoyed the last two seasons but it did feel like a dip in quality compared to the couple of seasons before it. Not as much as season 3 compared to 2 though. The shark porn storyline was ridiculous. Probably the worst they've done. I always hated the storyline where someone stole Ross's...
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    The Masked Singer UK

    This series was definitely lacking something. Julia Sawalha felt like the only really decent surprise and even then having her unmasked on the episode Jennifer Saunders was guest judging felt very contrived. The contestants are becoming slightly more obscure too. Especially when you consider a...
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    New Music Friday Finds

    This popped up in my Release Radar today and I can't stop listening to it. The new Georgia song is also a banger.
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    The Apprentice UK - Series 18 (2024)

    I love how none of them seem to know what the game is about even though they created it.
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    The Apprentice UK - Series 18 (2024)

    I refuse to believe they're really given just twenty minutes to get ready.
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    Charli XCX - "Von Dutch" (Feb 29) + 6th Album

    I might be wrong but I'm sceptical we'll get it that soon. There was six months in between Good Ones and Crash. Looking at Dua's latest campaign too, I think we've got a bit of a wait.
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    Kim Petras - Feed the Beast / Problématique

    Despite the horrendous lyrics I like Head Honcho and the last track. Most of it just sounds like interlude after interlude though without the bigger better songs sandwiched in between. It doesn't really hold together as a body of work. With this and her throwing Problematique on streaming, I...
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    I Kissed a Boy (Dannii Minogue/gay Love Island)

    Wow - they turned that around fast.
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    Ed Sheeran - Autumn Variations

    I'm suddenly a Rod Stewart fan.