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    Britney Spears

    We No Speak Americano
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    Random Thoughts

    I'm stoned for the first time in a little while and going through my 'watch later' YouTube playlist. At 1 minute I'm like:
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    Normani - "Fair" + Debut Album

    Out of the blue I suddenly remembered a Twitter(?) video from before 'Fair' was released, of Normani painting in the nude. At the time I assumed it was for a music video, but was it just a cute little Britney cosplay?
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    Spice Girls

    Me when 'If You Wanna Have Some Fun' still isn't over after 5 minutes:
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    Video Games

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    Fifth Harmony

    Ally is the unsung star of "Worth It", song and video.
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    Horror films.

    'The Lighthouse'!!
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    Video Games

    That is a great change! But let's not forget that it takes something like 600 (!) matches to get enough shards to buy 1 purple outfit.
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    Video Games

    Since the cosmetics store opened in 2018 I have spent more money on clothes for my Dead by Daylight characters than for my real life self... Help!
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    Britney Spears

    The way she sings "my mind" in that Baby clip.
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    Just not on mini-CD next time, please
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    I prepared myself for an uncomfortable family dinner today, following the terror in Oslo. Neither of my parents are afraid to voice their islamophobic views over dinner. To my surprise, the events in Oslo weren't mentioned at all during the dinner, but afterwards, as my sister, my mom and I sat...
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    Janet Jackson - Together Again (2023 Tour) + ???

    What happened with that song in the documentary? Was it ever released?
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    Can we manifest a performance of 'All Around The World' please?
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    Older albums you're loving today.

    I've been loving some 80's Lou Reed lately. The 'Legendary Hearts' and 'New Sensations' albums especially.