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    Normani - DOPAMINE (Debut Album)

    That's something I guess. Let's pray they at least have a solid plan for a single. Though I'm not holding my breath.
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    Normani - DOPAMINE (Debut Album)

    Is that for the single as well, or just the album? If it's both then this is frankly ridiculous and I don't know why they bothered.
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    Normani - DOPAMINE (Debut Album)

    Yeah as crazy as it would have seemed a few years ago, a five piece reunion is now likely at some point in my opinion. They've spoken about healing their friendships and now all seem supportive of one another. But the timing doesn't feel right yet.
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    Sugababes - "When the Rain Comes" + 9th Album

    That's amazing! Get it girls! Really hope they have a new single ready in time for Glastonbury. It would make sense, right?
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    Girls Aloud - The Girls Aloud Show (2024 Tour)

    I'm slightly apprehensive after they made those comments about needing to cover up so they don't embarrass their kids. As great as they look in pencil skirts, I want proper costumes ladies!
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    Normani - DOPAMINE (Debut Album)

    I mean, things must be about to kick into gear ASAP? After everything that's happened (or rather not happened), they can't be that stupid...right?!
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    Louise - Greatest Hits

    I've said it before but if a headline tour isn't feasible I'd love for her to link up with some other 90s/00s girls for a joint tour.
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    Good grief.
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    Justin Timberlake - "Drown" + Everything I Thought It Was (Mar 15)

    I hate that I'm really liking this.
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    Sugababes - "When the Rain Comes" + 9th Album

    The Cork show on 23rd May is (currently) their first show of the summer, I think? It's feasible they could premiere the single around then, with the album following in July/August. I don't think they'll make us wait too long between the two - they know fans have suffered enough waiting to last a...
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    Sugababes - "When the Rain Comes" + 9th Album

    I can't imagine them going for a Q4 release, but an album in Q3 this year and a tour next year is a definite possibility. Maybe even a co-tour with someone like Flo? I expect they'll do the odd outdoor show next year but they're going to need a break from the festival circuit at some point.
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    Normani - DOPAMINE (Debut Album)

    I think it's less about the age of the songs and more about the sound. Motivation would stick out like a sore thumb if the rest of the album follows the R&B sound of Wild Side etc (which absolutely should be included). From a streaming point of view, it would be smart to throw everything she's...
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    McFly - Power to Play

    I was expecting more than a one off show to be honest, but hopefully there'll be more to come? They're savvy guys, they'll want to strike while the iron's hot after Danny's success.
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    I understand Heidi's feelings. I do. She was integral to the group's success for many years and it's understandable (rightly or wrongly) that she might feel a mention is justified when the current line up receive what is essentially a lifetime achievement award. However, it makes me very sad...
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    Sugababes - "When the Rain Comes" + 9th Album

    I'd like them to bring back Run for Cover properly. Hopefully they'll have a new single out in time for the festivals too?