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  • Please know that I still love you
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    I know you do! I had one bad day where I let my E•MO•TION (buy on iTunes) get the best of me. I usually don't take 100% of the shade seriously.
    that boy is a monster
    that boy is a monster
    Any shade you get from me is always for the kii, I drag my faves including you. Glad we're friends. I'll hit up soon
    You should knock some sense into your ego... (Okay, that was easy, I admit it)

    Yeah, but I feel like people might not provide enough commentary so I'll probably end up doing it...

    I'm happy to see that my bitch fits about my favorite songs leaving are entertaining, ha! It will probably the same with Marina... I feel like I love every songs the fanbase hates and hate songs the fanbase absolutely loves... Oh well!
    I'm too lazy to do commentary, though...But I just might because I feel like a lot of my scores will be unpopular so I'd probably need to do some explainin'... But how you could give these two songs less than a 10 is beyond me. BEYOND ME. What about 'Buy the Stars'? (Shit, I had actually typed that as "Buy the Sats", stanning a bit too much for a certain girlgroup, am I? ha)
    I actually think "I'm A Ruin" is a tad overrated and will rate it in consequence. Oopsie! In fact, 'Hollywood' and 'Primadonna' got fairly low scores (6.5 and 7.5) - i mean, considering I've been handling 10s and 9s to like every songs. Anyhoo, 'Sex Yeah' and 'Obsessions' were contenders for my 11, oh well I'm still hesitating...
    Yes, I do, of course! Love me some Marina. Although my scores might frustrate some people, since I do enjoy a lot more her basic/generic stuff than I do her more indie output. I mean, I'm pretty sure How To Be ... will get my 11.
    Thank God, I'm starting to believe you've got some taste left..........But, still, you gave it a 10! I don't know if I could ever forget that..................................

    (Let's not even start with all the Kween Mollie shade! *insert dramaqueen emoji* It's like you don't even care about 'em brownie points! )
    Aw yes, thank you, you're sweet! (It almost made me forgot that you stan for 'Lose Control' and 'Golden Rules'. Almost.)
    Yes, I saw you on Totto's last FM page and since the username are so obviously the same, I figured it would be you, ha!
    They were so ridiculously mature for their ages at the time. The songs they wrote for their debut album are quite ahead of them by a few years.

    Thirteen year old me bopped hard though.
    YES at your early Into The Rush era avatar featuring the best act to come out of Disney.

    I've never run a rate before, but I guess I could try it out! Lemme get some knowledge about it first.
    When your faves first single is amazing
    Hazey that's literally fabulous. Thank you for sharing!

    (Sorry I just got your message now, I never check my wall or visitor messages!)
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