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  • We need to bring her back, I've posted on her visitor message section to no avail.
    I always copy & paste my PMs before I send them because I have been burnt too many times now by this forums shitty server! I end up writing a reply and then the server is done and I rage! Also, check your sent items box, it might be there!
    Hey hey hey

    It's your birthday

    We're gonna have some cake

    And have sex which will be fake

    Hey hey hey

    Happy Birthday!

    Incorrect, there can never be too much One Direction!

    Though that gif is undeniably flawless. Here is something equally flawless...

    I KNOW! Crept up so fast, I swear it's not in 8 days :O
    Check your inbox! xx

    HELLO. I don't even get emails or anything to tell me these things come, so how the hell am I supposed to know if I got a message? Ridiculous.

    How was your weekend?!
    Hiya! Christ this new layout is confusing.

    Literally cannot believe we\'ll get an iam album in 2 months! ASASAJSJKQWJ
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