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Oct 26, 2021 at 8:01 AM
Sep 7, 2010
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Yes, I finished that bloody Beyoncé rate. Oct 31, 2017

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Viewing thread RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 6 / International All Stars, Oct 26, 2021 at 8:01 AM
    1. graffiti my soul
    2. Square
      Why the side-eye, sis?!
    3. Bobbyrae
      I mean....when will the other flop posters?

    4. Square
      I see you snooping on my profile


      And I like it

    5. Square
    6. Jonathan27
      Thinking bout you all like:

    7. IMHO
    8. johnoclock
      Ariana though, sis?

    9. Oceandrive
      Okay my love, I'll be waiting cautiously.
    10. johnoclock
      You're the best. I just wanted you to know that.
    11. graffiti my soul
    12. graffiti my soul
      graffiti my soul
      It's coming! I had a response all typed out then my internet cut out and wiped it :'( sorry!
    13. Oceandrive
      I guess we are just too ***Flawless?

      Haven't had a proper chance to catch up yet, but congratulations to us on the rate.

    14. graffiti my soul
      graffiti my soul
      I genuinely laughed at something in that thread, which hasn't happened in a verrrry long time! So props for that. Me normally in the thread…


      Looking forward to it, I want to hear *everything*.
    15. Rommers
      Problum bew?

    16. Jonathan27
      Aww, you so sweet, shade and all! You always butter me up before you let me down though, dear.

      It's true, I remember PJ truly made that summer worthwhile. I try to leave my white barn trail around this place, so I'm thankful to be recognized as noteworthy! Of course I look forward to basically every post you make in some way or another. August 2010 must've been horrible without us, right?

      Yonce has ascended to my fave list, easily. She's surpassed every other popstar (Taylor still doesn't count, m'kay?) and I too still feel shellshocked from her cultural baptism. I'm so, so jealous! I was just thinking today how I would probably sacrifice a limb to hear XO and Partition live. There are no lengths I wouldn't go to.


      But really, have enough fun for both of us!
    17. Jonathan27
      Creeping on my wall but leaving nothing?

    18. ManilaChinchilla
      You're a funny fucker Ensnare.

    19. matthew.
      More pleseant than some other "little" group AM I RIGHT?

      That was when it just clicked in my 16 year old mind that she was a goddess amongst men.

      What's made me most happy is how 2013 was such a confusing year, touring, being spotted around the world filming videos, the teasers but all amounting to nothing. I thought she was pregnant again and covering her bases ala 4. But no, she done slaps us upside the head with this opus.

      I have not seen her live! I tried to get tickets to see her this last Friday here in Chicago but I missed out on tickets in time. Damn presales. I'm ready to be taken to a new plane of existance.
    20. matthew.
      It's laughable really. I've been welcomed into the Hive with open arms and I'm loving every second of it. She is completely perfect in every way imaginable. I could write a dissertation about it.

      I can understand, I'm sure it's been an especially exhausting 2013. I've been 'here' for B since roughly that tribal dance she did in Deja Vu with that little green number on in the sand. But this release has just shit on everything else put out this year by a name act and I'm impressed people are even attempting to drag her.

      No matter what they say, no matter what they bring up, they will never, ever, ever have a rear as perfect as this one:
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