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Oct 26, 2021 at 8:01 AM
Sep 7, 2010
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Yes, I finished that bloody Beyoncé rate. Oct 31, 2017

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Oct 26, 2021 at 8:01 AM
    1. Rommers
      Hahahaha, Katheryn's face! She looks so proud of herself. Bless.
    2. Rommers

      YES GIMME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3. Karma
    4. Alphableat
      Bb just do the Beyoncé video rate thing already. I don't even care and didn't participate, but if I see another post asking you to get on with it I might explode.
    5. Oceandrive
      Ensnare you are everything babyyy.
      I may be the poster boy, but you are without a doubt, the sophistication in Beyoncenation. I hope that sounds a good in your head as it did in mine haha.
    6. Rommers
      Shawty you my angel, you my darlin' Angel...

      Praise to you for penetrating my Visitor Message board's cobwebby hymen! Praise and glory to you, Ensnare, old buddy, old pal. I will always remember my first, Ensnare. Always. Snape-style. (Who I just realised inspired your username? Amaze!!)

      (And yes, dat Michelle is indeed popping out of all sorts of odd things. Superbowl stages, gender dysphoric dinosaur snouts... wherever will she appear next?)

    7. Alphableat
      Well I kinda had a job and didn't have much time for PopJustice, but I've been unemployed since Christmas so my PJing has picked up considerably. (Don't worry, my life isn't going to pot - I'm off traveling soon and have a job starting in September so all is good in the Alphablhood (That didn't work))

      Also, that sheep graffiti is fucking terrifying. Looks like something Jigsaw might kick off with in an ovine-focused installment of Saw.
    8. Alphableat
      Your Beyoncé love has made me happy lately.
    9. graffiti my soul
      graffiti my soul
      Looks like you just did bitch! For some strange reason you're done PMing me like baby that's okayy
    10. graffiti my soul
    11. Tribal Spaceman
    12. Jonathan27
    13. Oceandrive
      That was worth it. I actually stan for you.
    14. Tribal Spaceman
      Tribal Spaceman
      Has anybody got any Veras?
    15. Mr.Arroz
      I'd noticed that you had stumbled across my page accidentally (read: stalker) so I thought I'd formally greet you.

    16. graffiti my soul
      graffiti my soul
      Clear your inbox mister!
    17. Mikl C
      Mikl C
      Are you going to post the Beyonce results? You said you'd be done by Christmas and it has been over 5 months since it started.
    18. Oceandrive
      You are one of my faves too honeypie!

      (Ignore Karma, it seems I left its cage unlocked... Oops!)
    19. Karma
      Confidant? More like concubine!! I know your dirty tricks, motherfucker. I'm keeping my boo under lock and key.
    20. Karma
      get that ugly man off my page!

      Oceandrive asked me to ask you to stop talking to him. You make him uncomfortable. Thanks now never talk to him again thats what he wanted btw its not me making this up okay
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