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  • Rest easy in the knowledge that I'd already declared my love for you earlier that evening and didn't want to make the more emotionally crippled members of the forum jealous. REMEMBER:

    Left out of Jonathan's list of love, left out of Mushroom's spree of Wall love... Outside of Daniel? the Saturdays stan, hew is even here for MHIO anymore hmm?

    NAWT you emerging from the depths as a devout follower of the High PRihstess though. Stan a biT, and clock my negligence a taD.

    You semi-stanning for Rihanna?

    I'm suspect....

    Is something going on?

    Or have you finally realised that some are better than.....others

    Either way, I hope this lasts because I am not here for you shading the shit out of R8 if it ever comes...

    Stan a bit for the gospel of our times, serve me them cutting lyrics being uttered from the High Priestess, her truth-spilling lips.

    How are you able to traipse round the forum invisibly, eluding the 'Recent Visitors' tab on people's profile eh precious? A Harry Potter tea, or some evil tricksies are at work here...

    I realised what I wrote wasn't exactly PG.
    Slide up in my PM's soon sis and I'll pop the kettle on.

    A comeback?

    Right as I return from a three month planned absence?


    Did someone miss me? Was the thought of Popjustice without Bobbyrae just too much?


    Or was this more of a Gaga Vs. Perry?
    The dawn of Sheikh to Sheikh has been hard on all of us, but we must come together, lest Marquis GeeGee and Tutankhamun their collab tear us apart. I forgive you, sistren.

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