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  • I have no stockpile of appropriate Gaga gifs like your other recipients seem to, so I will keep things simple.

    Thank you for the post, Immy.
    I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_ thanks precious. Merry stillborn this day, let me light a candle for Lady Conchita his Me. I am... The Elusive Platinum Certification. Why give me that trash song theaux, heaux? I should at least get a relevant one like top 10 hit Judas for my repeated betrayalz or Edge of Glory in honour of my defection to more successful pastures and in commemoration of Viscount Gargoyle his last WW hit.

    So I see you spammed the same message to several people

    Including RFM

    I bet youcopy and paste the same Merry Christmas text to all your contacts too

    You forgot the most famous member of our little group though
    Putting the GAY before POP

    Never forget

    Never stop stanning for the album of the decade

    Except those couple of years that I did
    Right back at you, fellow 2011 survivor!

    I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_ that performance. The demented vocals in the verse, the audible breathing, the live instrumentation hitting like a sledgehammer, the out-of-tune KLONK! of the piano as she mercilessly stabs it with ha heel on the way to a higher platform, the actually-****-quite-a-bit execution of the choreography I just noticed on that rewatch. So much window dressing for such a terrible song, and it paid off. Well done, hag.

    When will the other girls, though? Titty Perry, the prisoner of Solange, that most inanimate Barbadian helipad and that hologram they have doing Britney's memorial shows stay messed, depressed, and most of all creatively bereft in the face of the album of our generation. Monsters up, indeed.

    Sometimes I get frustrated but much like Asia, in spite of the abuse, I will always keep coming back. After all, the Monsters are by far the most rewarding stanbase

    The honorary JFK-kun is jealous of the way johnoclock-chan is '"*moving in*"' MHIO? What's 'moving in IMHO', precious? What's moving in him, eh? Beyond johnoclockT I mean.

    I see someone trying to claim ownership of you in the same futile manner Gaga is trying to claim ownership of green hair. It's not my fault a certain someone, ha face prosthetics peaked in 2011 for your affections while my attention seeking shenanigans are poised to dominate 2014 and beyond.

    Iconic of the decade.

    I don't like the way this """johnoclock""" character is moving in you. Don't forget who made you, sis.

    Archduke Gigi his supermarket carpark ball is sleighing the box office, Precious (2009)? good for capital Aitch eye ehm. His Chartdrop could mean anything, except success outside his increasingly niche fanbase, it seems. I'd rather wait in an elevator with solero knowles that attend Gewgew his ratrave. Maybey if the good sir Vincomte de Gege serves me some jams on post-op vol. 2 i'll reconsideR my stan.ce.

    As for Katie Keane, what is it, precious, what? I do not watch le disney chanél.

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